How to make an already great lawn maintenance marketing strategy even more effective. 

Hey Clippers! Dave Tucker here to talk about one of my favorite old-school marketing tactics: The trusty door hanger.

We’ve talked about marketing on the blog before, and you’ll notice we don’t talk much about newfangled marketing tactics. Sure, there are plenty of lawn maintenance businesses using social media and whatnot to win new customers. But if TikTok and Instagram make your teeth itch, that’s okay! I’ve never needed ‘em, and neither do you.

That’s because lawn maintenance work is physical work. You don’t need the World Wide Web to reach new customers—because there’s nothing worldwide about your customer base! You just need to reach the right folks in your target geographical area. And you can do that with a door hanger.

(Of course, you shouldn’t neglect the internet altogether! This is just a reminder that it can’t always replace tried-and-true tactics.)

At this point, I’m guessing you know exactly what a door hanger is. What I’d like to share are a few fresh ideas for bringing your door hangers to the next level. These tips came straight from experienced lawn maintenance business owners, so you know they work.

Make them an offer they can’t refuse.

A door hanger with just your contact information might not be enough to catch anyone’s attention. Make your business more enticing with a great promo. My personal favorite strategy is the $20 offer. But there are countless creative ways to tempt new customers!

Use door hangers to get referrals for new lawn maintenance customers.

Every time you finish up a job, leave a door hanger on your customer’s front door—offering free services. All they have to do is refer your lawn maintenance business to a neighbor or friend. If that referral turns into a customer, the customer who referred you gets a free week of services! Who can say no to that?

Add a business card so your contact information is easier to keep.

Design your door hangers to have what is essentially a business card at the bottom. Then get it perforated so potential customers can tear it off and keep just that smaller card. A big door hanger might be too annoying to keep around, but a small card is easy!

Don’t skip a single doorknob.

Some lawn maintenance business owners only leave door hangers at houses with shabby lawns. It’s not a terrible idea—but why be picky? Even the nicest lawns may be cared for by a homeowner who’s sick of doing the work himself! So don’t be shy. Drive around every neighborhood in your target area and hang a flier on every doorknob!

Don’t forget your customers’ neighbors.

Can’t afford to spend an entire day hanging fliers? No problem! Give each of your crews a stack of door hangers. Every time they do a job, leave door hangers with both nextdoor neighbors and two or three houses across the street. It only takes a minute or two, and it adds up!

Follow up.

Some lawn maintenance business owners insist that the door hanger isn’t enough. They pick up the phone the following week and call up every single person who got a door hanger.

Have you ever used door hangers? Share your favorite strategies in the comments! And if you’re looking for another way to level up your lawn maintenance business, talk to us about CLIP. CLIP is the best lawn maintenance business software on the market. We’ve mastered the basics AND built some advanced features that’ll help you boost profitability and grow your operation. Don’t believe me? Schedule a demo and see for yourself!

Until next time, keep clipping!


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