CLIP Lawn Maintenance Software

Your Office Manager at a Fraction of the Cost

The best lawn care software for automating your business!


CLIP software loves to do all the little things that you hate.


While staff, customers, and equipment all play a vital role in your business, TIME presents the biggest challenge.


And it’s impossible to create more of it, you can just find ways to manage it more effectively.


CLIP lawn maintenance software handles all of those mundane tasks at the click of a button, freeing you up to actually run your business!

Scheduling, routing, invoicing, profit calculations…

All of it…poof…DONE!

With over 30 years in the lawn maintenance business, we understand the value of quality tools. So we PACKED our lawn care software with the features that will benefit your business.

To see how CLIP lawn maintenance software can save you time and money, book a demo call today!

Send Sleek, Professional Invoices at the Push of a Button

No more trying to wrestle around with Word Docs templates that look like clip art. Easily send and track invoices so you can get paid FAST! [Learn More Placeholder]

Access Client Account Info from Anywhere

Our software integrates with any kind of database you might have. So if you need Mrs. Jones’s work number, Mr. Smith’s account balance, or Ms. Roderigo’s favorite kind of flower, even if you’re standing in line at the nursery…you’ve got it! [Learn More]

Calculate Profitability at the Click of a Button

Make better business decisions based on REAL DATA! No more guessing. Generating bids, determining wages, and shopping for equipment and material becomes a breeze when you know the numbers! [Learn More]

Automatically Track EPA Data

Stay compliant with EPA reporting with a few clicks. Track chemicals and quantities with ease and prepare reports for the EPA in seconds. [Learn More]

Juggle Employee Scheduling like a Seasoned Carnie

Managing employees these days is like being the ringmaster at a circus. But in order to get the help you need, you need flexibility and creativity in your scheduling. Fortunately, CLIP can do all that for you! [Learn More]

Spend More Time Mowing and Less Time Computing

You’d much rather be outside than staring at a computer screen. We understand! So we’ve made our interfaces and processes intuitive and simple to understand. You won’t have to spend hours trying to learn the system. It’s easy! [Learn More]

What People are Saying About CLIP


It solves any routing issues you have by linking to google. It just makes its simple. Were excited to be part of the clip family and look forward to growing with them.

CLIP Software was just easy to set up and with the added benefits of tutorials to walk you through it getting everything set up was simple. The reports you can run are amazing. They really help you make easy business decisions. There customer service is just as amazing. Over all great software to run a big or small lawn and landscaping company. Highly recommended.


CLIP has been great. As a small company I was concerned with the expense, but it more than pays for itself with the time saved in the office. On top of that it allows for easier expansion in other areas of my business. Support has been great to help us learn and implement the software.

CLIP took my billing from 3-4 days of work to 3 hours, with some daily work done by others who usually did paperwork, but now enter it in clip. The support is great, they always work quickly to answer questions or resolve issues. The staff is very personable also. They are able to revert back to previous data. (I needed this once when I messed up) Now our data is in place in real time instead of waiting for the paperwork to come in!


I have been using CLIPItc for a few years and enjoying the ease of scheduling, routing, and invoicing all combined into one platform. I have been very happy with the amount of time it has saved me, and allowed me to be more accurate in the functions listed above.

I loved the fact that I can just make a few clicks and then “BAM!” — My invoices are automatically generated in QuickBooks! It also helps that scheduling is no longer a nightmare. This software has ALL of the different configurations of scheduling that difficult customer. Customer service is there when you need them when there is a hiccup to walk you through.

How to Get Started

Schedule a one-on-one consultation with one of our team members to see a demo of CLIP and see how you can save both time and money!

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