You’ll Love the Features Packed into CLIP Lawn Care Business Software!

These features result from listening to (and then acting upon!) the suggestions from our clients over the past 35 years.

So enjoy these features and keep the suggestions coming!

Access Client Account Info from Anywhere

Never “not know” anything about your clients. Now you have ​​customizable mobile access. Everything (but billing) is on the mobile app. Whenever and wherever you are, track down what you need instantly. 

Account Information

When Mr. Phillips asks you his balance due, you know. What are this particular client’s quirky preferences? Which employee serviced this property last time? Do they have pets?

Share any of this information with your crews or office staff so everyone stays on the same page and can provide quality, personalized service all the time!

Automatically Reminders

Set and forget!  Instead of trying to hold it all in your head, (or that dingy whiteboard hanging in the shop), set up automatic email reminders for you and your staff. Use auto-notification emails to let customers know you are “on the way” or that the “job is complete.”

Customer Portal

Customers can access the information they need without having to call.  Pay a bill, see last services, drop a note to the office, all own their own… freeing you up to take care of the things they CAN’T do on their own.

Track Cash Flow Automatically

Send Sleek, Professional Invoices at the Push of a Button

Invoicing takes time to design, print, send and track. But CLIP lawn care software can handle it all almost instantaneously.

FREE 2 Way Integration with Quickbooks

Know your bottom line at a glance. Our seamless (and free!) integration with Quickbooks allows you to keep tabs on all of your accounts.

Payment Processing

Make your billing process fast and easy!  

  • Use Batch Billing to send out all your invoices at the click of a button.  
  • Accept online payments.
  • Store customer credit card info securely online for recurring payments (Powered by Fullsteam).
  • Save money with LOW processing fees.

Calculate Profitability at the Click of a Button

The health of your business depends on tracking and managing income and expenses. CLIP’s detailed analytical reports make it quick and easy to see cash flow with a click of a button.
And, with the customizable reports, you can see exactly what is important to you! You can make well-informed decisions telling your money where to go rather than wondering where it went. (See this case study here)
When you know which clients are profitable and which ones lose money, you are able to be proactive: find similar profitable clients, raise prices on the accounts where you might be losing money.
CLIP also makes estimating easy. Know what kind of jobs generate easy profit so you can sell more of those. Or, which jobs tend to lose money…so bid higher on those or avoid them altogether.
Similarly, you can track employee efficiency. See who on your staff generates more profit. Do whatever possible to keep them on staff and work to help less efficient employees improve.
man calculating profits and running reports on laptop

To see how CLIP lawn care business software can save you time and money, book a demo call today!

Juggle Employee Scheduling like a Pro

Today’s workforce is radically different from a decade ago. It’s difficult to find reliable, full-time staff. More and more employers are finding success through part-timers.

But this can be a scheduling nightmare.

CLIP lawn care scheduling software can help you create a schedule that meets the needs of your clients, employees, and you simply and efficiently.

With apps for both iOS and Android, your staff can track hours on the job and see schedules.

Plus, clients can receive reminders that a crew is coming or notifications that their job has been completed.

Automatically Track EPA Data

Keeping track of the chemicals used and how much, and where adds to the countless details that gobble up time and energy.  CLIP lawn care business software, however, takes care of it for you!
Simply enter the data on the job info page and when it comes to reporting time, just hit the report button!

Spend More Time Mowing and Less Time Computing

We know that you got into the lawn business because you prefer being outside to sitting in front of a screen.
So we made our software simple, intuitive, and easy to use!
Plus, with our commitment to customer support, you can be sure you’ll get the training and support you need to take advantage of all the time and money saving features included with CLIP Lawn Care Software.

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