About Dave Tucker

Dave Tucker has been in the service IT business since 1987. A self-taught programmer, he created his software and then started helping other companies to systematize their processes and increase profits through the use of technology, information, and networking. Dave is president of CLIP software, with over 14,000 companies using the software. He has written two books: "Lawn Maintenance and the Beautiful Business" and "Piecework and the Beautiful Business."

Should you Buy or Lease your Lawn Care Trucks?

Free advice on truck buying and leasing from real lawn care business owners. Hey Clippers! Dave Tucker here to talk about an important question in the lawn care world: Should you buy or lease your trucks? Most growing lawn care businesses are going to need a truck eventually. Many will [...]

The CLIP Guide to End-of-Year Lawn Care Proposals

Want to say goodbye to the stress, the hassle, and the waiting game of lawn care proposals? Here’s how. Hey Clippers! Dave Tucker here to talk about the annual torture of proposals. You know the drill. You spent all winter writing the perfect letter and fine-tuning your pricing. When early [...]

Should you be Educating your Lawn Care Competition?

A brief argument in favor of helping out the business down the street. Hey Clippers! Dave Tucker here with a somewhat controversial topic: fraternizing with the enemy. To be more specific, we’re talking about whether you should educate your competition. It may seem counterintuitive to give your competitors a helping [...]

How to Use A Simple Lawn Care Pricing Formula?

A step-by-step guide to calculating estimates with a simple lawn care pricing formula. Hey, Clippers! Dave Tucker here to take you back to the basics: Pricing for lawn care services. We talk a lot about different lawn care pricing and job costing strategies around here. But if you’re brand new [...]

Should You Add Surcharges to Your Lawn Care Pricing Chart?

Considering the pros and cons of surcharges; yes, you make more money, especially with something like fuel. It's obvious, it's public, people drive past the gas station, and they see the price. It's an understandable expense that you could probably get away with adding to a bill.

On the other hand, creating customer loyalty can't be undervalued. Creating a nice, even, and boring business has a lot to be said for it.

Lawn maintenance theft prevention tips for business owners

Practical lawn maintenance theft prevention tips to protect your business’s assets. Hey Clippers! Dave Tucker here to talk about lawn maintenance theft prevention and risk.  Risk is inevitable no matter what business you’re in. Once you accept that truth, you can take very effective steps to prevent it. When you’re [...]

“Soft skills” secrets for lawn care employee retention

Hey Clippers! Dave Tucker here to talk about employee motivation and lawn care employee retention. But before we can talk about employees, we have to talk about managers. Are you the kind of boss you’d want to work for? Here’s a little thought exercise: I want you to think back [...]

Is it Time to Hire a Lawn Maintenance Business Office Manager?

Hiring a lawn maintenance business office manager can cut your stress in half and make room for your company to grow. Hey CLIPPERS! Dave Tucker here to share this relatable quote from the owner of a small lawn maintenance business: “I am a one-man lawn care management team. I take [...]

Creative Tips for Tiny Lawn Maintenance Service in Inaccessible Lots

Creative, unexpected ways to mow a tiny lawn professionally, even the most difficult-to-access lots. When it comes to tiny lawn maintenance, the smallest yard can be the biggest pain in the neck. You’re bound to encounter tiny lots with tiny gates and have no idea how you’ll get your mower [...]

How to prepare your lawn maintenance business for a gold mine ahead

Is your lawn maintenance business ready to absorb a significant spike in demand if a competitor goes out of business? Hey Clippers! Dave Tucker here to talk about the unexpected blessing of hitting pay dirt. Most of us have at least one local competitor who’s a bothersome pebble in our [...]

When is the right time to grow your lawn maintenance business?

Grow Your Lawn Maintenance Business There are three questions to ask yourself regarding plans to grow your lawn maintenance business. Hey Clippers! Dave Tucker here to talk about what’s next—for you. If you’ve been in the ‘beautiful business’ for a while, you might be thinking about growth. You might be [...]

How to prepare for a busy lawn maintenance business spring season

The key to a busy lawn maintenance business this spring is careful preparation. Hey Clippers! We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Springtime is crazy time in the beautiful business. You’ll be so busy you can barely take a minute to sit down, especially if you’ve got new [...]

What To Do With Your (Beautiful) Lawn Maintenance Business Profits?

Is the income potential of a lawn care business enough to support the lifestyle you want? The answer may surprise you. Hey Clippers! Dave Tucker here to talk about the really fun part of the beautiful business. We’re chatting about lawn care business income potential—and what to do with your [...]

Four essential lawn maintenance business success systems: Part 4

Airtight financial systems are critical to your lawn maintenance business success—and keeping your operation in good standing. Hey Clippers! Dave Tucker here with one more chat about business systems. Today’s topic is an important one: Financial systems. Whether or not you’ve got a head for numbers, you can’t just ignore [...]

Four essential lawn maintenance business success systems: Part 3

The way you spend money can have a significant impact on your lawn maintenance business success. Hey Clippers! Dave Tucker here with yet another chat about the importance of systems. Today we’re focusing on vendor systems. Whether you’re in the lawn maintenance business or show business, you need other businesses [...]

Four Essential Lawn Maintenance Business Success Systems: Part 2

Let's talk about how developing your lawn maintenance business success systems will empower your employees and help grow your business. Hey Clippers! Dave Tucker here to continue our chat about the beauty of systems. As you’ll recall, systems are the secret to a business that runs without you. With the [...]

Four Essential Lawn Maintenance Business Success Systems: Part 1

Having the four lawn maintenance business success systems in place is the secret to having a business that will run without you, even as it grows. Hey Clippers! Dave Tucker here, writing in from the beach. Okay, not really, but I certainly could be—and you can, too. You just need [...]

How To Extend Your Lawn Maintenance Business Income Through Winter

With a bit of creativity and a little planning, your lawn maintenance business income can support you and your employees year-round. Hey Clippers! Dave Tucker here to talk about what happens with your lawn maintenance business when everyone’s lawn is buried in snow. Needless to say, the grass isn’t growing [...]

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