CLIP Software, family-operated for over 30 years.

CLIP Software, family-operated for over 30 years.

The History Behind CLIP Software

CLIP (Computerized Lawn Industry Program) was created in 1986 when Bill Wright (founder of Wright Manufacturing) and Dave Tucker (President and co-founder of CLIP Software) saw a desperate need for software in their own lawn maintenance business.

About 13 years after that, Dave decided to create CLIP Lawn Care, a lawn care company that he could use to test his software. Throughout the past 30+ years, we’ve used our real-life experience to tailor CLIP to the specific needs of green industry professionals.

At CLIP Software, our tagline is “Your Success Is Our Passion.” We prove this by providing industry-leading tools that will help you become more successful in the green industry. Your success has always been our goal and materialized in CLIP – a comprehensive tool that will help you focus less on menial tasks of the day and more on growing your business, or just spending more time with your family. “Beach Management” is a message we consistently support and is easily attainable through the CLIP program. Join the thousands of lawn care companies we serve in leaning toward the goal of getting out of the office and back to what’s important.

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Meet The CLIP Leadership Team

Dave Tucker

Dave Tucker


Dave grew up in an entrepreneurial family. Since the topic of conversation at the dinner table was always about how to make services for customers financially sustainable, business philosophy runs through his blood.

After completing a double major in business management and finance, Dave ensconced himself in the service IT business in 1987. A self-taught programmer, he created his own software and then started helping other companies to systematize their processes and increase profits through the use of technology, information, and networking.
Dave has written two books: Lawn Maintenance and the Beautiful Business and Piecework and the Beautiful Business. He is now happily retired and busy enjoying ministry opportunities and a slew of grandchildren.

Jacob Reeves

Jacob Reeves


While Jacob earned a Bachelor of Science from the University of Tennessee and served for six years in the Army National Guard where he got to blow things up, he learned the most important business lessons from his mother: how to put things together.

As a small business owner, she faced significant challenges with the sudden influx of big box stores. Without the right analytics, she struggled to make quick and accurate business decisions that she needed to adapt to ever-changing markets. From this experience, Jacob realized the importance of assembling systems that quickly and accurately provided information on which to act. In addition, he saw that heart and drive often aren’t enough…businesses need strategies and tactics to survive.

After working on several multimillion-dollar sales teams, Jacob came to CLIP in 2021 as the sales director. Subscribing to Zig Zigler’s philosophy that you can get anything you want if you help enough people get what they want, he has enjoyed helping hundreds of CLIP users become profitable and successful.

When not at work Jacob can be found chasing golf balls around the grass, grooming horses, and volunteering for the Special Operators Transition Foundation.

Jonathan Conway

Jonathan Conway

Head of Technical Support

As a kid, Jonathan loved superheroes. Blankets became capes, the swing provided flight, and his daily play involved vanquishing the villain and helping people overcome seemingly insurmountable odds.

Little has changed.  (Although, while it wouldn’t really surprise the staff at CLIP, he doesn’t wear a cape around the office.) But Jonathan feels the most fulfilled when he helps someone achieve their goals. And that’s why he found superheroes so inspiring…they didn’t need a REASON to help. It’s just what you do.

Jonathan lives this philosophy every day at CLIP through his work in customer support. He created a rolling searchable database to make problems easier and faster to solve. He updated communication systems for more efficient messaging. He exponentially decreased customer wait time. In short, he comes to the office every day trying to find ways to solve problems faster.

And since he doesn’t wear a cape around the office, he gets his hero fix as a competitive gamer and has won several tournaments.

Bill Crawford

Bill Crawford

Senior Account Manager

Bill believes there’s a big difference between tech support and customer support. Tech support is a few minutes of clicking buttons. But for Bill, customer support is about lifetime relationships. Having been with CLIP for 25 years, Bill knows the businesses and even the families of most of CLIP’s clients which he attributes to his former career as a pastor.

Finely honing his listening and teaching skills, Bill made the transition from the parish to CLIP and began working as a trainer helping small business clients set up and fully implement their software. At first, Bill admits, he knew nothing about software or the lawn maintenance business. He thought the industry was comprised of a bunch of high school kids with lawnmowers. Quickly, however, he came to understand that small business were the backbone of the American economy. And that profitability could be fragile, so his work supporting CLIP customers had a significant positive impact on their livelihood. And, in fact, many of his clients DID begin as high school kids pushing a mower and, through hard work, turned that side hustle into a 7 figure business.

Though Bill makes frequent stateside visits, he enjoys living the Pura Vida lifestyle in Costa Rica where he can work remotely and not shovel snow. In his free time, he enjoys visiting with friends and family.

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