Old-school customer care for smart lawn care business owners.

Hey Clippers! Dave Tucker here to talk about why it’s cool to be old school. In other words, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by technology or skeptical of automation, fear not! You’ve got options.

You’d think a guy who spends as much time as I do talking about software would be pretty enthusiastic about technology. And while that’s certainly true to some extent, I’ve still got a soft spot for the good old days. And I don’t necessarily believe that the “modern” way is always the best way.

Here’s the way I see it: Technology is a marvel, especially for businesses. We can use technology to optimize our lawn care service routes and bill our customers automatically. Technology can help us find the perfect price point and maximize profitability.

But at the end of the day, technology can’t replace the human touch. Businesses who realize this can give themselves an edge.

So let’s talk about it. How can you use personalized communication to make your lawn care company stand out? Here are a few ideas.

Pay close attention to lawn care customer requests.

If you’re looking to maximize profits, you’ve probably got a pretty efficient system in place. Every member of every crew has a specific job to do to keep things running smoothly. But you don’t want to get so locked into those routines that you miss out on the little things.

In fact, we built CLIP with a specific “customer notes” feature for this reason. You can keep track of special requests and important details easily. And honoring them can make a big impression. Your customers will notice if you consistently remember to:

  • Leave the gate open for the dog.
  • Trim that goofy little corner behind the flower beds.
  • Use the organic mulch they like.

Just to name a few examples.

In short, don’t get so caught up in your quest for optimization that you forget the little things that really matter.

Send a handwritten note.

These days, lots of folks really care about supporting local businesses—for many reasons. They feel really good about going with a smaller shop over a big national brand. You can nurture those feelings of good will by showing your appreciation. At least once a year, grab a pen and a cup of coffee and write up some thank-you notes—by hand. Tell your customers how much you appreciate their business. That personal connection is likely to keep them coming back season after season.

Getting a hand cramp just thinking about writing so many notes at once? Here are some other ideas:

  • Spread it out. Split your customers into four groups and go season. Group one gets notes in the spring, group two gets notes in the summer, et cetera.
  • Share the load. Divvy up your list, spring for pizza, and have your guys write notes. Your customers will be delighted to hear from the crew members they already know!
  • Make it cute. If you have young kids or grandkids, let them decorate the envelopes with crayon. They’ll have a blast, and it’s a very sweet personal touch.

Pick up the phone.

Here’s a great way to show your lawn care customers you care and get quick feedback: Call them. Not after every mow, of course, but every so often. Ask them if the lawn care service is up to their standards or if they have other feedback. Even just following up two or three times a season is a great way to earn their trust.

You may want to follow up more frequently with some folks, such as:

  • New customers. Check in after the first few mows to make sure they’re happy.
  • Customers who recently gave some negative feedback. You want to show that you’re taking their concerns seriously!
  • High-value customers. Really big accounts that represent a big chunk of your paycheck are worth nurturing.


Do you have a favorite old-school method for keeping your lawn care customers happy? Tell us in the comments! And if you’re ready for a technology solution that won’t overwhelm you, check out CLIP. We designed our lawn care software to be easy and intuitive to use—no need to be a computer whiz! Schedule a demo to see it in action >

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