A brief guide to help you decide whether to make the switch to battery-powered blowers and trimmers.

Hey Clippers! Dave Tucker here, back with another one about eco-friendly options for your lawn care business. 

As more and more people become invested in sustainability issues, their purchasing decisions are changing. This applies to both products and services. Many companies are working to adopt more eco-friendly practices, hoping to attract more climate-conscious consumers. This includes some of our fellow lawn care companies.

Take, for instance, these folks out in Maryland, who’ve made the switch to solar power, all electric equipment, and more. And people are paying attention.

Of course, changing up your entire operation to “go green” is a big undertaking. That’s why I’m writing this series. I want to help you think critically about your sustainability options, so you can decide if they’re right for your lawn care business.

Let’s talk about something our friends in Maryland adopted: battery-powered equipment. Specifically, let’s talk about trimmers and blowers.

The benefits of battery-powered lawn trimmers and blowers.

Many of the benefits of battery-powered trimmers and mowers are simple convenience. There’s no engine to maintain, which can save you a lot of hassle. They’re quiet, easier to start, and cheap to operate: no gas, oil, or spark plugs to pay for.

Plus, lots of brands that make battery-powered trimmers and mowers design them around the same battery. In other words, you don’t have to buy different sets of batteries for your different tools. Just bring one stash of fully-charged backups on your route and swap them out as needed.

And of course, there are the environmental benefits. Battery-powered trimmers and mowers kick out zero emissions. You might personally find this to be a big draw, if you’re passionate about a small carbon footprint. This can also be a big selling point to customers who prefer to patronize eco-friendly businesses. You can use this as a big selling point!

The drawbacks of battery-powered trimmers and blowers.

The biggest downside of a battery-powered blower or trimmer is the inconvenience. The battery life will vary depending on the model you go for, but they all run out eventually. And it usually takes 30-60 minutes to charge them back up. That recharge time is fine for overnight, but it’s downright impractical during a busy workday! Simply put, you’ve gotta charge a whole bunch of batteries every night and haul them along. For plenty of folks, this extra step is worth it. But only you can decide if it’s right for your lawn care business.

There are two other downsides to consider:

  • Repairs can be a little more challenging. Because battery-powered trimmers and blowers are less common, fewer shops will know how to fix ‘em.
  • Rumor has it that some brands are less powerful than their gas-powered counterparts. I’ve also read a few reviews saying they become less powerful as the battery drains. This may not apply to every battery-powered blower or trimmer, though, so do your research! 

Now that we’ve covered mowers, trucks, and other tools, we’re pivoting our eco-friendly lawn care business series to a different topic entirely: mulch! Check back soon for a breakdown on natural mulch options.

And remember, you can boost your lawn care business’s fuel efficiency at any time with CLIP. Our top-notch routing tool makes it easy for you to find the best route from A to B, every time. Want to see for yourself? Schedule a demo > 

Until next time, keep clipping!


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