You need a solid lawn maintenance season plan to ensure a profitable year.

Hey Clippers! Dave Tucker here, and today we’re talking about timing and planning. The beautiful business is ruled by the four seasons, so it’s important to take weather changes into consideration when you’re making plans.

Marketing seasons for your lawn maintenance business.

The best time to start a lawn maintenance business depends on where you live. The snow in Memphis starts melting before the snow in Minneapolis, so folks looking to build a beautiful business in those cities will have different timelines.

People aren’t thinking much about landscaping and lawn care when the yard is still covered in snow, so it’s best to use that time for prep. Make a marketing plan, get your contracts set up, and build your systems.

You can start putting out flyers and spreading the word about your business when the snow begins to melt. This is when your year really kicks off. People will need you to clean up fallen branches and debris from winter storms, mulch their gardens, and handle other warm weather yard preparations.

Springtime: the time to get your head in the game

Clippers, I’m going to level with you: In the beautiful business, springtime is the most critical time. It’s also the most intense. The grass is growing so fast you can almost hear it. You’re racing to bring on new clients, and the rain disrupts your schedule at every turn.

I hope you can forgive me for this pun, but it’s the busy spring season that weeds out the folks who aren’t cut out for this business. You’ve got to grit your teeth and brace yourself for long hours, hard work, and last-minute changes. This is especially true in the early days of your lawn maintenance business before you’ve hired anyone and you’re doing it all yourself.

Good lawn maintenance software will keep you going strong year-round

You need a strong system to keep your lawn maintenance business running smoothly during your busiest seasons. That’s why I developed CLIP in the first place. Good software keeps your schedules organized, plans routes, and stays on top of payments.

With solid lawn maintenance software in place to handle the details, you can focus your energy on delivering good service. Eliminating hassle also helps you maintain a positive attitude when things get nutty. And they will.

For example, right now we’re all coping with labor challenges because of increased unemployment compensation. You’ll handle these kinds of storms much more calmly with strong systems in place.

Enjoy the ebbs and flows of lawn maintenance.

The insanity of springtime doesn’t last forever. Eventually, the grass stops growing a mile a minute, which means the mowing process goes a lot faster and you can take a breather.

Late summer is a great time to start putting out flyers for fall cleanup, aeration, and other end-of-season jobs. In my neck of the woods, the grass has a little growth spurt in September, but it’s a cakewalk compared to springtime. Leaf removal will keep you busy for a few months in the fall, but once the snow starts falling, it’s time to kick your feet up and relax.

This is the truly beautiful part of the beautiful business: All that hard work and all that money earned in the spring and fall gives you the security to relax during the summer and the winter.

That time is yours to enjoy the warm weather, celebrate the holidays, and make memories with your family. To enjoy a little more of what you work so hard for.

Of course, you need to do some good planning to make this work. Because you won’t have any lawn maintenance income in the winter, your warm-weather earnings will need to sustain you for a few months. And you’ll need a cushion in the beginning of the year so you can stock up on supplies and gear for the spring rush. It’s never too early to start socking away extra money so you can absorb the costs of a robustspringtime startup.

With a good plan, a good attitude, and robust lawn maintenance software, you can achieve great things in the beautiful business.


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