One of the most important things, when scheduling and working on assignments, is finding good people.

With the changes in H-2B and unemployment at the lowest rates in years, it’s hard to find folks to do the overwhelming amount of work you have.

Staffing your group with the right people is the difference between success and failure. You should know each person’s strength and weaknesses and use them accordingly. You need to learn what the driving force behind their productivity is.

CLIP software makes everything easier than ever by allowing you to schedule all of your jobs and the crews working on them.

You can track your employees’ efficiency, so you’ll know exactly which crew can handle which assignments, and which ones to leave behind for smaller tasks.

You also need to be aware of the wear and tear on your equipment, as repairing or replacing it is costly. The more efficient your crew is, the less wear and tear you’ll have on each assignment.

With the right crews on the right projects, you’ll get the job done quickly and effectively in record time, every time. Managing crews is easier than ever with our software.

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