When you’re running a lawn care business, there’s so much to take care of; it’s overwhelming. That’s where we step in with some interesting news on Lawn Care Tech.

From creating the most cost-efficient route to your next assignment all the way to billing the customer, we’re with you every step of the way.

Our software allows you to put your best workers on the toughest jobs and track their efficiency.

You can keep track of customers, their previous and upcoming jobs, and view detailed information about each assignment.

Billing has never been easier, and there are even convenient options for your customer that allow them to pay online.

Aside from software, however, there are a ton of technological advances being revealed daily. These changes can help you be more profitable in your lawn care business.

We’ll try to highlight those here making sure to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Our 10 Favorite Lawn Care Instagram Accounts To Follow

It's tough to wade through every page and figure out which Instagram accounts to follow so we thought we'd offer a few ideas. Most lawn care companies maintain a social media presence, it allows your customers to find you and to interact with you. Entrepreneurs these days live on Instagram, [...]

Using CLIPitc To Do Estimates

Spring is nearly here, which means customers will be calling soon for estimates. We take a look at how easy CLIPitc can make the process.

Have You Checked Out CLIPitc Lately?

We know you've seen CLIPitc before, but we think it's time you take a second look. CLIPitc has streamlined interfaces and the ability to work on the go.

CLIPitc New Mobile App Release

CLIP Software launched its new CLIPitc mobile companion app on October 3rd. Here's the rundown of all the features and options.

Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your CLIP Subscription?

It may not feel like it but the spring madness is getting ready to slow down but it is. And that's a perfect time to iron out your systems and focus on your profits as the season rolls on. Knowing your employee efficiency, man hour ratings, and revenue reports can [...]

Should You Use GPS Tracking In Your Lawn Care Business

Let's talk about using GPS trackers in your lawn care business. The Hard Sell on GPS devices You've seen the ads. You've likely had an encounter with the pushy salesperson. They probably hit you with the hard sell, too. "Just think! You can hide it out of sight, they'll never [...]

Guide To Proper Job Costing With CLIP

We've been talking about raising prices on your customers, the importance of job costing, and contracts. So now we're going to get to the next step; how do we actually do the job costing? This is probably the easiest topic, but it's the main thing you will need to determine [...]

Welcome To The CLIPitc Affiliate Program

Today we're introducing the CLIPitc Affiliate Program. This program is available to everyone and will offer our current customers and those who are close to the green industry a chance to make some extra money by recommending CLIPitc to others. For over 30 years, we've served and worked alongside our customers. [...]

CLIPitc Updates

We've made some significant updates to CLIPitc in the last couple of months and I wanted to take a moment to highlight them. If you're a CLIPitc user, you'll have seen the red dot above "New" in the very top menu.    This indicates that some changes were made in [...]

CLIP Live Webinar Feb. 20 – March 15

  In February, we'll offer a four week series of classes that will walk you through how to use both CLIPitc and CLIPxe in their entirety. Let us help you get the most out of CLIP so that you can shave some hours off your week and be as profitable as [...]

New features in CLIPitc – May 2019

As we start 2017 I want to go over some of the features that we added to CLIPitc over the past year. We have a lot planned for 2017, and have much better processes in place internally!! Additional Charges Additional charges are one of the features that we've added. Use additional charges if [...]

CLIP2Go Overview – Webinar

Stephen goes over how to use CLIP2Go with CLIPxe to speed up your recording process and get better more accurate information from your crew in the field. Keep Your Teams Connected While On the Job Keeping your field teams up to date is crucial. CLIP2Go was designed with that specifically [...]

CLIPxe with QuickBooks – Webinar

Dave Tucker goes over the basics of using QuickBooks with CLIPxe Getting Started With Quickbooks and QCLIPxe Quickbooks has been around since 1983. It's one of the most trusted ways to manage finances. Hence why integrating into QCLIPxe makes it easy for you. Before getting too in-depth, we suggest taking [...]

Chemical applications setup in CLIPxe – Webinar

How do you setup Chemical application jobs? How do you keep track of weather conditions, quantities of chemicals applied, etc?   http://clip.wistia.com/medias/4rrvc2weij?embedType=async&videoFoam=true&videoWidth=600

Variable Scheduling in CLIPxe – Webinar

Learn how to do variable scheduling with CLIPxe scheduling options. Do you need advanced scheduling options? CLIP gives you the power to setup job schedules that get you to your lawn maintenance customers jobs even in complicated situations. Tips In Using the Days Between Option Scheduling can be a daunting [...]

CLIPxe Advanced efficiency metrics – webinar

How do you measure your lawncare employees efficiency? CLIPxe has reports that give you the power to measure and grow your productivity. http://clip.wistia.com/medias/msd2ltan9x?embedType=async&videoFoam=true&videoWidth=600

Emailing Newsletters With CLIPxe – Webinar

Dave goes through a simple process to send out newsletters through Microsoft Word and CLIPxe. Communication Is Key To Success Communicating effectively with your customer base is key for many reasons. Firstly, keeping in constant contact with your customers allows them to build a relationship with you and your company. [...]

How Reports Work In CLIPxe – Part 1 Webinar

Dave 2 goes over reporting and how to keep your reports clean and informative. GIGO means Garbage in, Garbage out. Make sure that you are recording the correct information (employee times, payroll information, # of times done, etc) so that you can get good information on your reports. Garbage In, [...]

Using Appointments in CLIPxe – Webinar

Dave goes over how to use CLIPxe appointment scheduling for your sales person, or irrigation tech.   http://clip.wistia.com/medias/b2fx6e79jl?embedType=async&videoFoam=true&videoWidth=600

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