The end goal for any company isn’t just to become profitable, it’s staying profitable.

There are many areas where a company can reduce overhead and increase profit. For example, hiring employees with H-2B Visas can maximize the work while minimizing expenditures. If you go that route, it’s crucial to know the proper process for applying to get workers with H-2B Visas.

With CLIP software, we take the hard part out. For instance, you can track employee efficiency on each individual assignment. When you’ve got more efficient employees on larger assignments, you’re reducing the wear and tear of your equipment. We also help you get to each job quicker, so you’re spending less on travel expenses.

It’s also important to know when to raise and lower your prices, as well as whether it’s beneficial for your company to allow ACH payments.

Not only will these business tips help you in becoming profitable, they also help ensure your company stays profitable.

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Dave goes over why you need to track your revenue (who pays me the most?) How do you track job revenue per hour and use that information to transform your landscape company.

Stand out from your competitors!!

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