Is the income potential of a lawn care business enough to support the lifestyle you want? The answer may surprise you.

Hey Clippers! Dave Tucker here to talk about the really fun part of the beautiful business. We’re chatting about lawn care business income potential—and what to do with your profits. We’re going to get a little philosophical here, so bear with me.

American culture is all about the hustle, the grind, whatever you want to call the relentless pursuit of work. And of course, I’m a big believer in the power of hard work and a job well done. But my goal with this series on starting a lawn care business is not to turn you into a workaholic.

My goal is to help you start a lifestyle business.

A lifestyle business is a business that provides enough money to support the lifestyle that you and your family want. Not the lifestyle your neighbor wants, or your parents, or your favorite celebrity. Not the lifestyle that every advertisement is dangling in front of you.

So now comes the tricky part—and also the fun part. What does that lifestyle look like? I’d advise you to take a little time to think about that. Talk it over with your spouse and your kids, if you have them. Do you really want a big, sprawling mansion in the ritzy part of town? Or would you rather have a charming, smaller home and a beautiful fishing boat? Do you want to fly your sweetheart to Paris every year for a romantic getaway? Or do you want to spend all your summer weekends at your lake cabin with the family?

None of these dreams are wrong. You’ve just got to find the one that’s right for you.

You can make “enough” money.

There’s a term I like to use for the dream you’re working toward: The set point. The set point is your benchmark for success. It’s the point at which your lifestyle business is bringing in enough money to support that dream life. And your lawn care business income potential can get you there.

Of course, you’re not “done” at that point. You’ve still got a business to run, after all. But you can afford to step back now and trust your systems to keep things running smoothly. You don’t have to aggressively hustle to achieve a level of wealth that doesn’t appeal to you or your family. You can work toward your true set point—and then enjoy it once you get there.

Here’s another way to think about it. All those advertisements and internet show-offs don’t get to tell you how rich you “need” to be. If you listen to them and let them determine your set point, you’re going to be working forever. The goal here is to achieve the type of freedom that allows you to walk away and enjoy your life. If that freedom only exists on the other side of a billion dollars, then you’ll never see that sandy beach.

So don’t let anyone tell you what “enough” looks like for you. That’s your call and yours alone.

My lawn care business profits are great. Now what?

Now start living that life you’ve been dreaming of! Like I said before, this will be different for everyone. But revisit the pillars of your “set point” and start building them. Book the family vacation. Buy the fishing boat. Take your parents on the trip of their dreams. Go out to breakfast with your sweetheart on a weekday.

A lot of folks in this line of work have a pay-it-forward mentality. So maybe think about ways you can embrace your generous spirit and share the fruits of your labor. You might:

  • Volunteer more often for a cause you care about.
  • Teach business skills to small groups at your local library or house of worship.
  • Take on an apprentice.
  • Raise money for a local charity that’s important to you.

Bottom line: Once you’ve hit your set point, don’t wait around to start living like it. Life is short. And thanks to your hard work, your lawn care business will be just fine without you.

If you can believe it, this is the last installment in the Quick CLIP Lawn Maintenance Business Startup Series. But don’t worry: We’re not going anywhere. Watch this space for more tips, news, and valuable insight.

Feel free to email us with your questions about lawn care business income potential—and your dream lifestyle.

See you at the beach!


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