Plow Through Your Winter Workload With CLIP

Is your winter workload piling up? Upgrade your operations with CLIP – Your single software solution for effortless winter service management

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Hear it From Our Clients

“We were managing approximately 98 commercial and residential accounts. Paperwork was piling up and the time left to do it was disappearing. Now that we have CLIP, we can save a tremendous amount of time.”

– John Orr, Owner of Dura Turf

Before I got CLIP, I spent three days a week in the office doing paperwork (scheduling jobs, posting completed work, writing up invoices, etc.) CLIP allowed me to do the same amount of work in only 10-15 minutes each day.”

– Martin Allen, Owner of Environmental  Expressions

“All the work that used to take roughly a few hours or work each day to complete before, now only takes me a few minutes. I am speechless, thank you! This software is fantastic and I have only just toutched the Surface of it.”

– Jacob Pope, Owner of JP Landscaping Management 

Stay Ahead Of the Snowstorm: Key Features of CLIP

Winter Morning Overview

Start your day with an all-encompassing snapshot of the jobs at hand. CLIP’s user friendly interface give you critical job information at-a-glance to help you prepare for the day ahead.

Optimized Midday Workflow

Allow CLIP’s smart scheduling system to fine tune your day. From resource allocation to task management, handle your workforce proficiently with our automation system.

Afternoon Field Updates

Stay connected with your field team throughout the day. Our software supports instant communication across devices, keeping you updated and ensuring swift responses to any issues that arise.

Evening Client Communication

As tasks are completed, update your clients in real-time, Our dedicated portal allows clients to track job progress, view invoices, and manage payments, boosting customer satisfaction.

Nightly Business Analysis 

Wrap up your day with valuable insights, CLIP’s in-depth reports offer detailed performance data, helping you understand profitability, pricing, and areas for optimization as you plan for the next day.

After a year of using CLIP, our business operations have truly transformed. Our organization level has skyrocketed, and it’s remarkable to see how much additional revenue we’ve generated- an increase of over 20% from last year, without extra work.

– Chris Robertson, Owner of Nature Unlimited

Ready to Take Control of Your Snow Season?

Take the next step towards a smoother and more productive winter workday. Schedule your CLIP demo today and explore how our software can upgrade your snow removal business and elevate customer satisfaction.

Regain control of your time this winter

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