If you are thinking about starting your own business, the question now is why a lawn maintenance business?

Well, my experience has been in the green industry, or the lawn maintenance industry, and that’s why I tend to fall towards that. There’s an old saying that to a carpenter every problem is a nail. There’s truth to that, but there are some aspects of the lawn maintenance business that make it easy to start, easy to get going and make it systematic.

I like lawn maintenance so much better than landscape construction because lawn maintenance can be a system. You can make a whole system work, and it’s just repeated over and over and over again. That can mean lower startup costs.

In fact, there are even ways of doing it with no money at all to start. You can just go out and start mowing people’s lawns with their own lawnmower then turn it into a system. Then you can add employees and become a complete business. Eventually, you can walk away from the company, and it can still be making money for you. That is the beauty of owning your own lawn maintenance business.

Just like any business, it has its challenges. Of course, one of the most significant challenges is that it’s seasonal. You have to figure out how you are going to deal with labor when it’s a seasonal type of situation.  

Dealing With Labor In Your Lawn Maintenance Business

Some people have done all kinds of different things. If you live in the northern part of the United States, for example, or in Canada, then you would supplement it with snow plowing during the winter. That would keep your season basically going all year round. It would, therefore, allow you to keep employees year-round.

Other people have chosen to deal with the seasonality by doing everything from cutting firewood and all kinds of different things. Another thing you can do is just shut the whole company down. We have done this both in Maryland and in Tennessee where we shut down our lawn maintenance companies, and then we opened them again when the springtime comes. So they are closed for about three to four months at a time.

Some people have tried this that I know of, and they become missionaries for that period of time. Other people decide to bike across America or bike down to South America or do things like that.

The lawn maintenance business lends itself very nicely to being able just to shut it down and have some time off. Now, you’ve worked like crazy during the springtime, and during the summer, but then you get your time off in a bunch, and that’s helpful.

There’s a lot of advantages to creating a lawn maintenance company. It’s pretty cool because it can start very, very small and you can get extremely big. We have customers that use our software that run lawn maintenance companies that are doing twenty and thirty and forty million dollars per year business. Now that’s a business, isn’t it?