You’ve decided to start a lawn care business. You’ve gone through the paperwork, and you have your S corporation or LLC or your partnership. So what’s the best time to start? That’s a great question because you could start at all kinds of different times of the year. The best time to start is when you’re ready.

Now, they say that most small businesses fail from lack of capital. Well, it’s true that if you had unlimited capital, you probably wouldn’t fail. Unfortunately, only the government has the ability to print money. So, we have to think farther than that.  

Plan Ahead Before Mowing Season

Probably the best time to start would be sometime in late November or the beginning of December. Around Christmas time, nobody is thinking about cutting grass. That’s when you’re going to line things up. The first thing you want to start with is not your mower.

Most of us that get into this business, we’re equipment hogs. We just love to have equipment, and we want to buy trucks and mowers and all that. Hold off. Wait. Back off.

First, start with your marketing information. Start with making up your flyers, and we’ll talk about how to get your first few customers in a bit. Right now you’re not going to get any customers if it’s December. That’s not going to happen. But what you want to do is actually to create your marketing.

Find out what are your company colors going to be. A company I know down at Tupelo Mississippi decided to paint all of their trucks pink. That was an attention grabber. Everybody said, “Oh, you’re the pink guys.” He even had his guys working in pink jumpsuits.

Another guy up in Maryland decided to have his colors be Maryland Terp’s colors, which I think are red and black. So, his equipment, his trucks, and other stuff had a red and black scheme going on because he thought, “Hey, that’s cool. I like the Maryland Terps.”

So you pick whatever it is that you want. Pick some colors. A lot of times remember that commercial trucks are readily available in white. White doesn’t fade. So white might be part of your scheme. Our colors, of course, are green and white.  

Keep The Name Simple When You Start A Lawn Care Business

So you pick your colors then you start working on a logo. It doesn’t have to be fancy or super, but you have to come up with a logo. And you also have to come up with a name. Some people get stuck on this, but you know, “Mike’s Lawn Service” works. It’s fine. Whatever it is that you want. Come up with a name and then use that name.

You’ll need to have the name to register for your LLC or your partnership. So come up with that early on. That’s your homework for December.

So you start working in December. And by the way, in the book, we have a calendar where each month it tells you what you’re supposed to be doing. That’s helpful to get you started on your first year.

December you’ll be working on the colors, the logo, and the name. The next step is registering it as a corporation and getting ready after that. What you want to do is start putting flyers out about four to five weeks before the grass is going to be cut. Maybe six weeks before, depending on where you are in the country. The flyers that you’re going to put out are going to be what we call our twenty-dollar special.