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Techo Bloc Pavers

Are you planning an outdoor project that involves the use of pavers or another type of surface? If your project is still in its planning phase or you’re in the process of looking around for the right materials, we invite you to take a closer look at new Techo-Bloc pavers. Our experts from Paramount Stone believe Techo Bloc pavers just might be the perfect landscaping stone for your upcoming project. Here’s why:

Superior Engineering

Most landscaping pavers and surfaces are simply not designed or engineered to handle the freeze/thaw cycle that takes place in areas where the climate changes from season to season. The most significant advantage of using Techo Bloc pavers is that they are made to remain stable and adaptable for many years. The unique joints between the pavers eliminate cracking, yet allows for subtle movement from repeated freezing and thawing.

Exceptional Durability

Techo Bloc pavers are estimated to be 3 times stronger than poured concrete. In fact, only the highest grade of materials are used throughout every Techo Bloc stone, resulting in a finished product that has a higher density than traditional pavers, a lower absorption ratio, and structural integrity designed to last a lifetime.

Ideal for Multiple Applications

The unique design of Techo Bloc pavers makes them the perfect product for pool decks, driveways, patio flooring, and all other outdoor surfaces. Don’t just take our word for it- feel free to visit the Techo Bloc FAQ page to learn more about our pavers and slabs for your construction needs. One of the greatest advantages from using Techo Bloc materials is that they can be moved and even replaces if necessary in the future, unlike a concrete slap that will not allow for the installation of additional ground features.

Why Techo Bloc Pavers?

At Paramount Stone, we take a great deal of pride in our products, and we only offer our customers the absolute best building materials available on the market. We have chosen Techo Bloc as one of our products for the simple reason that they are one of the top pavers being manufactured today. We feel strongly that Techo bloc pavers will be beneficial to your project in terms of providing overall value.

Resurfacing Old Surfaces

If your existing concrete patio, walkway, step landings, or other surface is in good structural condition, Techo Bloc pavers can be installed right over the top of the surface. Feel free to ask one of our Paramount Stone experts about Techo Bloc slab products designed for this specific purpose. For areas that are not in good condition, our pavers can still be used over the top; however there are many factors to consider before making the decision to pave over existing surfaces. Our specialists can provide professional advice regarding our products.

See our complete product inventory on the Paramount Stone website or call a pro from our company with any questions you have. We’ll be happy to discuss your project with you and offer our best recommendation.

Techo Bloc Pavers

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