When it comes to the lawn care industry, the season is everything. During the Spring, business will be booming. During the long Winter months, however, things are a little different. Business can be slow or non-existent, and good workers can be scarce.

In this section, you’ll learn all about what you can do for your lawn care business during those long Winter months. You’ll learn different services you can branch out and offer to help your customers, as well as ways you can supplement your business.

You’ll also learn the different types of contracts you can offer for certain jobs. For instance, if you decide to offer snow plowing services, how should you charge? Per inch? Per job? Should you offer one-time fees, or should you have your customers sign a contract?

This section will also contain tips on what you can do during those long Winter nights to prepare your business for the upcoming Spring season.

Snow Plowing — Living Through Feast And Famine

Snow plowing tends to be feast or famine — it might be 60 degrees on New Years Day one year, and you might have 2 feet of snow the next year. How can you still make money while maintaining all that expensive snow removal equipment? We recommend doing what the ski resorts do [...]

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