When you get down to it, everyone’s in business for one reason – to make a profit.

Here, we’re going to talk about what exactly you can do to make your company more profitable, and these are arguably our most important tips. We’ll discuss the importance of and how to get the most out of your CLIP subscription, man hours versus piecework, creating loyalty among your customers, properly routing your jobs to increase productivity, and more.

The posts in this section will change the entire way your company runs. You’ll be more efficient, you’ll be less stressed, and most importantly, you’ll learn how to increase your profits.

5 Reasons Why You Still Need A Business Phone

These days it feels like we should be able to handle all of our communication via apps, text message, and email, but you still need to set up and manage a business phone system. 5 Reasons Why You Still Need A Business Phone In 2017 1. Likely 20% or more [...]

The Cost Savings of Piecework Software vs. Employee Overtime

Is Piecework Legal?  The short answer is yes. The long answer is; it's complicated. With more employment laws changing it seems like this is a great time to cover the legal aspects of piecework. I am not a legal professional, and can't give you direct legal advice. I can, however, [...]

How Reports Work In CLIPxe – Part 1 Webinar

Dave 2 goes over reporting and how to keep your reports clean and informative. GIGO means Garbage in, Garbage out. Make sure that you are recording the correct information (employee times, payroll information, # of times done, etc) so that you can get good information on your reports. Garbage In, [...]

Eye On The Future – Webinar

What reports should you prepare, how can you get ready for this year? Some of the CLIP staff help you figure out what to focus on. Does Quality matter the most to you? Should you focus on lowering your Price, or make sure that your phones are manned 100% of [...]

Why Your Lawn Care Business Needs Business Insurance

Ever wondered whether you really need to get business insurance for your company?  We don't!  If you don't have business insurance now, it should be your #1 priority to get before the new year! Real-life Stories From "Lawn Maintenance and the Beautiful Business":  Progressive Insurance has a short list of [...]

Turning a Profit with CLIP Lawn Care Business Software

Understanding the Difference Between Income and Profitability in Your Lawn Care Business If you're looking to make a profit in lawn care, it's critical that you know how to read your financial statements. It's vital to know what you're data's telling you before you make decisions that impact your company. [...]

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