Every company lives and dies by its pricing, and the lawn care industry is especially competitive. These posts will help you figure out when, if ever, to raise the prices for your customers, as well as how early to notify them.

We’ll also talk about how to stay competitive, such as whether you should raise your prices at the beginning of the season or not. We’ll educate you on creating a plan that works for you.

The pros and cons of surcharges will also be covered. Would surcharges be a smart thing to do, or would it create disloyalty and hostility among your customers? Remember, we want to create a loyal customer base!

Should I Raise My Lawn Service Prices Between Seasons?

We're just about ready to get into winter time. Now is the time when most people sit down and say "Hmm, I should have made more money last year and I didn't." One way to make more money is to raise your lawn service prices, right? If everybody pays more, boom, [...]

The Pros and Cons Of Surcharges In Lawn Care

Considering the pros and cons of surcharges; yes, you make more money, especially with something like fuel. It's obvious, it's public, people drive past the gas station, and they see the price. It's an understandable expense that you could probably get away with adding to a bill.

On the other hand, creating customer loyalty can't be undervalued. Creating a nice, even, and boring business has a lot to be said for it.

How To Determine Which Customers To Raise Lawn Care Prices For

How To Determine Which Customers To Raise Lawn Care Prices For Last month we talked about how raising lawn care prices can actually hurt your bottom line by causing your customers to get new bids which leaves you possibly losing your most profitable properties and keeping the worst ones. You might [...]

Should I Raise Lawn Care Prices At The Beginning Of My Season?

Most consultants and lawn care business blogs will tell you to raise lawn care prices every year. It makes sense on paper, if I raise my prices by 5%, I should get 5% more revenue, and since my costs don’t change, I should be able to see 5% more on [...]

Create Your Lawn Care Marketing Plan – Price

In setting up your marketing plan for 2016, having a price list is key! Now that you have determined what your product is that you're selling, you need to know what money you need to make for selling that product/service. Determine Your Man Hour Rating: Your first step in making the [...]

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