One of the absolute most important things in the lawn care industry is keeping your employees happy and motivated. These workers are the lifeblood of any company, and keeping them chugging along is extremely important. But how do you go about doing that?

We’ll talk about how to motivate your employees, and the importance of man hours versus piecework when it comes to getting work done. We’ll also identify ways to reduce burnout so you can keep productivity at its maximum potential.

Remember, a happy and determined employee leads to increased productivity, which leads to more work, which leads to more money. It’s a win-win situation all around!

Piecework For Lawn Care – A Win-Win Situation

When I worked as a lawn care business' crew manager, my guys would take 2 hours just to get their trucks ready and leave the shop. And when they finally started, they still made their regular stop at 7-11 for coffee plus random breaks throughout the day — all while [...]

4 Secrets To Extreme Profits In Your Lawn Care Business — Motivation

Do You Have Trouble Motivating Your Team? Last week we discussed the first secret to extreme profit — The Perfect Customer. This week we'll tackle the next step; motivate your employees to strive towards excellence by using piecework. 2nd Secret To Extreme Profit — Motivation Here at CLIP, we get calls all the [...]

Piecework FAQ Session – Webinar How do you start with piecework? What if you have jobs that won't work with piecework? Dave goes over how to implement piecework for landscape and lawn maintenance companies. What Exactly is Piecework? Piecework simply boils down to work paid for according to the amount produced. For instance, instead [...]

Motivating employees Productivity and Piecework – Part 2 Webinar

Part 2, practical questions and answers about piecework. Dave and Jonathan talk about how piecework works for a company in the "real world." For more information about piecework see this article Piece Work Increases Profitability In part one of this webinar, we discussed how to motivate your employees and improve [...]

Motivating Employees Productivity and Piecework – Part 1 Webinar

Dave Sr. talks about piecework and productivity in this webinar. Shows how productivity improvements can revolutionize your business!! Dave also wrote a book, for that information see: More info on Piecework Click here to watch Part 2 of Motivating Employees Productivity and Piecework. Increased Productivity Means Increased Profits Every business is [...]

Top 5 Objections To Implementing Piecework In Your Lawn Care Company

We've been talking about piecework for years here at CLIP. We've spoken to thousands of companies over the years about implementing it in their business. On this site alone you will find dozens of resources including articles, videos, webinars, and excerpts from my book about it. Many of the customers [...]

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