There are multiple things to consider when starting your own lawn care business. Learning the facets of leadership is of the utmost importance.

In this section, you’ll find information related to the various things you’ll need to consider and keep track up in the day-to-day operations of your lawn care business.

You’ll also learn tips for a critical skillset – automating your process. You’ve got a business to run, the last thing you need to do is be buried under a pile of paperwork!

We’ll demonstrate the advantages of using software versus traditional records; that way you’ll be able to quickly and efficiently access the information you need without leaving a mess. The software will also help you maximize profits on projects.

You’ll learn why it’s essential to have a graphical representation of your data, and how you can use it to your advantage to maximize profits, as well as when the perfect time would be to raise your rates.

The First Thing To Consider In Lawn Care Business Partnerships

At the beginning of the partnership, take a moment to step back and think logically. Ask your partner what you’ll need to do if you decide to undo this partnership. Decide who will owe money, who they’ll owe the money to, and how much they’ll owe so that you can dissolve the partnership.

Is Your Lawn Care Company Ready To Sell?

People tend to spend months, maybe years, planning to start their business, but hardly any time at all on is their lawn care company ready to sell. Being born in 1960 places me close to 60 years old. At this point, I know that I will not be able to [...]

Management By Measurement – Webinar

How do you manage your company? How do you get better results out of your company? Dave Sr. has managed multiple companies and employees. He gives tips about running your business, delegation, and measuring your results. You Get What You Inspect, Not What You Expect If you measure it, it [...]

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