If you’ve grown up in the lawn care industry, I’m sure you’ve been asked a time or two: “When I can no longer do this, would you like to take over?”

Is it worth it to keep the family business? There’s certainly a ton of variables to consider, because business can bring a family closer together, or it can cause an irreparable rift.

In this section, we’ll talk a bit about CLIP software. We’ve been a family business for thirty years, and everyone’s pitched in. We’ll teach you some of the things we’ve learned along the way, mistakes to avoid, and how to make your business (and family) stronger than ever.

All In The Family – How To Build A Family Business In Lawn Care

My Grandpa's funeral is today, and few things can make me think more about a family business legacy than him. Is it worth it to have a family business? In some cases, family can be exactly what holds a company together. In others, it seems like a business can be what tears a [...]

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