It should go without saying that you want the best and most efficient equipment for your business. But where do you even start?

Is it more cost effective to rent your equipment, or should you go ahead and buy it? Should you buy it new, or should you buy it used? Should you mix it up and get new equipment but old trailers?

The argument for rent versus own has a lengthy list of pros and cons, and the posts here will help you settle the debate once and for all. Plus, you’ll learn how to keep your equipment in working order so you’re not constantly replacing it.

Should You Use GPS Tracking In Your Lawn Care Business

Let's talk about using GPS trackers in your lawn care business. The Hard Sell on GPS devices You've seen the ads. You've likely had an encounter with the pushy salesperson. They probably hit you with the hard sell, too. "Just think! You can hide it out of sight, they'll never [...]

Should I Buy New Trailers Or Trucks For My Lawn Care Business?

So you are putting together your list for new equipment for next year and thinking about a truck or trailer - added crews mean added equipment, right? The first rule, of course, is to pay cash.  If you can't afford it, you can't afford it - it would just hurt [...]

Does My Lawn Maintenance Company Need A New Mower For Next Year?

It's almost the end of the year!  If your company did well, that might mean it's time to stock up on all the new equipment, such as a mower, you want before January. Before you start making your list, remember, equipment is a DEPRECIATING (losing value) asset. Equipment is just [...]

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