Whether you run a small crew of three or you’ve got a much larger company, you need employees that you trust can get the job done both efficiently and quickly.

In this section, we’ll learn why the H-2B Visa program is so important in this industry, the benefits to hiring employees through that program, and the benefits that they can bring to both you and your business.

We’ll also learn a bit more about how exactly to approach each situation. Should you charge by the hour, or move toward a piecework system? What are the benefits and downfalls of each?

Most importantly, how can you keep your employees happy and from burning out in such a demanding position?

These questions and more will be answered in the posts contained in this section.

Should You Use GPS Tracking In Your Lawn Care Business

Let's talk about using GPS trackers in your lawn care business. The Hard Sell on GPS devices You've seen the ads. You've likely had an encounter with the pushy salesperson. They probably hit you with the hard sell, too. "Just think! You can hide it out of sight, they'll never [...]

How Do You Know When An Employee Is Maxed Out?

How can you tell when an employee has maxed out? Learning your employees' limits I thought a lot about this many years ago, and this little scenario came to mind. Let's say I hire a brand new employee into my company. I go to them and ask them to go [...]

4 Steps To Finding Good Employees For Your Lawn Care Company

With the season upon us and H2B remaining a swamp, you may be in a position in which you're trying to find good employees. It can be a difficult task, so we wanted to help you out. 4 Steps To Finding Good Employees For Your Lawn Care Company Whether you're ready [...]

Piecework For Lawn Care – A Win-Win Situation

When I worked as a lawn care business' crew manager, my guys would take 2 hours just to get their trucks ready and leave the shop. And when they finally started, they still made their regular stop at 7-11 for coffee plus random breaks throughout the day — all while [...]

Why Your Lawn Care Business Needs Business Insurance

Ever wondered whether you really need to get business insurance for your company?  We don't!  If you don't have business insurance now, it should be your #1 priority to get before the new year! Real-life Stories From "Lawn Maintenance and the Beautiful Business":  Progressive Insurance has a short list of [...]

When Do I Know I Need To Hire Employees For My Lawn Care Company?

Winter is a great time to decide whether you're ready to hire your first employee. It's also a great time to decide whether it's worth it! Green Industry companies across the board claim that employees are their biggest headache. A one-person show can only grow so big though - unless you [...]

The Federal H-2B Visa Program – How CLIP Lawn Care Finds Employees

What's the Deal with H-2B? The Green Industry is very seasonal in most areas of the United States. Finding legal, diligent, long-term, and yet seasonal employees can be a pretty big challenge. Are you having issues in hiring new employees and looking for a legal solution? CLIP Lawn Care solves [...]

Are Your Lawn Care Employees Showing Up Late?

Late Employees We had the problem of employees showing up late for many years back when I was managing crews at Lawn Wright. With 12 crews to get out (over 30 employees) and servicing over 600 clients a week, it was essential to get the guys out the door as early as [...]

Top 5 Objections To Implementing Piecework In Your Lawn Care Company

We've been talking about piecework for years here at CLIP. We've spoken to thousands of companies over the years about implementing it in their business. On this site alone you will find dozens of resources including articles, videos, webinars, and excerpts from my book about it. Many of the customers [...]

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