One of the biggest concerns when starting a business is the sheer amount of paperwork. Who has time for it? Customer lists, invoices.. it’s all too much! That’s where CLIPxe comes in.

These posts will help you get the most out of the CLIPxe software with none of the paperwork. Whether it comes down to managing your clients, effectively scheduling your workload, or learning how and when to upsell to customers, CLIPxe will take all the stress of paperwork off of your shoulders.

With these posts, you may learn something new about the software as well. For instance, are you sure how much your jobs are actually costing you? Learn which jobs are worth the effort, and which ones you should pass on.

Using the tips in these posts, you’ll streamline your business in record time.

Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your CLIP Subscription?

It may not feel like it but the spring madness is getting ready to slow down but it is. And that's a perfect time to iron out your systems and focus on your profits as the season rolls on. Knowing your employee efficiency, man hour ratings, and revenue reports can [...]

CLIP Live Webinar Feb. 20 – March 15

  In February, we'll offer a four week series of classes that will walk you through how to use both CLIPitc and CLIPxe in their entirety. Let us help you get the most out of CLIP so that you can shave some hours off your week and be as profitable as [...]

Lawn Conditions In CLIPxe: Upselling To Customers – Webinar

In this webinar, Dave goes over Lawn conditions in CLIPxe. The lawn conditions function can be used to upsell services to customers, notify customers about issues with their lawns, and record problems that are unrelated to the service that you provide. Capturing Emails Can Make Your Business Easier Capturing an [...]

CLIP2Go Overview – Webinar

Stephen goes over how to use CLIP2Go with CLIPxe to speed up your recording process and get better more accurate information from your crew in the field. Keep Your Teams Connected While On the Job Keeping your field teams up to date is crucial. CLIP2Go was designed with that specifically [...]

CLIPxe with QuickBooks – Webinar

Dave Tucker goes over the basics of using QuickBooks with CLIPxe Getting Started With Quickbooks and QCLIPxe Quickbooks has been around since 1983. It's one of the most trusted ways to manage finances. Hence why integrating into QCLIPxe makes it easy for you. Before getting too in-depth, we suggest taking [...]

Variable Scheduling in CLIPxe – Webinar

Learn how to do variable scheduling with CLIPxe scheduling options. Do you need advanced scheduling options? CLIP gives you the power to setup job schedules that get you to your lawn maintenance customers jobs even in complicated situations. Tips In Using the Days Between Option Scheduling can be a daunting [...]

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