Ever wondered how hard it would be starting a brand new Lawn Maintenance company in a brand new state? Well at CLIP we are going to start walking you through every month in our newest branch’s life.

What CLIP Corporate Does:

Every week Javi has a meeting with Green Industry experts that have already been there and done that in starting a Lawn Care company. Besides their expertise in the industry, they brainstorm together with Javi on what the best route is to grow this local branch in its unique location. Javi has a contact to help him order his flyers, set up his business insurance and even walk him through Quickbooks and CLIPitc. Javi has a copy of KnowItAll Software to track his information for the company that he gets while starting up.

Our newest branch just got started on March 1st and it’s on it’s way!

First Week:

Javi moved to Tennessee on March 1st and started fixing his equipment, getting a business phone and insurance and moving in. He already had 10 thousand door hangers designed, printed and waiting at his new address thanks to CLIP. He also had a batch of marketing mailers designed to send out.

Javi also already had a website set up and magnetic signs to put on his truck with his company name, phone number and website.

Second Week:

Javi passed out 1200 door hangers in neighborhoods that fit his ideal customer (based on location, household income, and how close and large the yards are).

Javi already had a truck and trailer and two mowers (Stander and Scag), so he purchased a blower, trimmer and other hand tools he needed for the Spring Clean Ups.

Javi sent out his marketing mailers to the neighborhoods he wanted to work in.

A Sample of Our Door Hangers


Third Week:

Grass is growing so it’s time to get mowing!  Javi did Spring Clean ups, and got estimate requests from the post cards and one estimate request from the door hangers.

Javi already has customers entered into CLIPitc and is entering new information into it right away. With the help of his wife, he is answering most calls immediately as they come in and is told frequently that the marketing mailer and door hanger make his company look extremely professional.

Javi got his first yearly contract signed up for mowing and is getting more and more contract agreements and mowing and Spring clean up requests.

By March 24th he was already starting to deposit his first checks from customers!

Keep reading for new posts to come on exactly what it’s like to be starting a new CLIP Lawn Care Branch!:-)


We survive the first month!!

– 45 Customers contacted us and are listed in CLIP ITC.

– 2 Weekly agreements are signed and we started working on them.

– 2 Bi-weekly agreements are signed and we started working on them.

– 4 Cleanups or seeding jobs were done.

– 1 Regular Weeding and bush trimming job was done.

– Almost 30 Specials were mowed already!