As we get to the end of the year business owners and individuals start thinking about how to lower their tax bills!

One way that your customers can do that is by installing solar. They’ll get the benefit of renewable energy, and possible lower electrical costs, and a sizeable Federal tax deduction (and maybe state deductions too). According to the wording in the tax code that may apply to structures that are built for the solar installation.


For your customers, it’s getting worth it to do this type of project, in a lot of states it is cheaper to use solar power than it is to buy it from the grid.

grid parity for solar landscaping projects

(Chart is from this article about grid parity)

Why does that matter?

If you look at the 30% federal tax credit (there may be other ones for your state) You can see that the wording says:

No costs relating to a solar panel or other property installed as a roof (or portion thereof) will fail to qualify solely because the property constitutes a structural component of the structure on which it is installed. The home does not have to be your main home.

Here is a link to the instructions for the tax form (https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/i5695.pdf)
I believe that means that the taxpayer can include the costs of a structure to hold the solar panels in the 30% tax credit (ground mounts, pergolas, carports, etc.).

Solar landscape project with a pergola

Solar panels on a pergola

I believe (check with your accountants) that means that you could add a charming Pergola over a patio, or shed with a correctly angled roof, or a stylish carport to hold the solar panels in place, and include it as a tax credit (including the labor).


Due to technology, the price for solar keeps dropping and a lot of it is starting to look attractive.


LG has come out with an All black solar panel, and you can get black racking that helps you hide solar panels even better.

It’s not here yet, but Tesla is coming out with a solar roof that is supposed to look the same as high-end roofs (click here for more info). That will probably be around sometime this summer.

Leverage your strengths!

If you do landscape lighting already (or have the right electrician subcontractor), then you may want to look into offering some solar landscaping tax friendly package. If you don’t, you may want to get in touch with solar installers in your area and provide your expertise to help them incorporate solar into a customers landscaping plans to turn it into a focal point instead of an eyesore.

Solar roof

While you might not want to cross over entirely into solar, you can add value by offering landscaping services. As a bonus to the customer, some things that are related to solar might be a tax write off.

If you want to see more Solar pergola’s check out this link on Pinterest