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Site Visit consultation

Site visits are a great way to learn how to use CLIP to it’s fullest potential, or get business consulting from a Green Industry expert!

If you want to implement some complex concept in your company like Piecework Pay – a CLIP Team expert can walk you through it. When you need to learn more about setting up and using CLIP – a CLIP team expert can show you the best process for your company. Our CLIP team of experts can help you solve problems and take your company to the next level!!

Our time slots fill up fast for the winter months, so sign up today!

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Picture of Mark Perschel

Mark Perschel

Mark was born and raised in upstate New York and graduated from SUNY Oswego with a degree in Computer Science in 1980. Mark backpacked the Appalachian trail in two sections in 1978 and 1980.

In 1980, Mark started a lawn and irrigation maintenance company and grew from one crew to seven crews in 29 years. Mark was directly involved in front side of the business including sales, customer service, employee management and the back side including marketing, accounting and payroll. During that time Mark focused heavily on maximizing profit by tracking dollars per man hour per customer. Mark successfully sold his company in 2009. Since then, he has been skiing, long distance backpacking, biking, and working as a business consultant.

Mark has also worked with the CLIP team on developing CLIP, adding new features, job costing, consulting/teaching, and has been a CLIP user since 1990. His life goal is to be an encourager and mentor to help bring out the best in people.

Checkout his trail journal here.



Bill Crawford

Bill Crawford

Bill Crawford has been with CLIP since 1998, and has worn several hats. He has worked in sales, marketing, and manages most CLIP training . Bill teaches CLIP classes, both live and online. He has also visited hundreds of companies on site visits to assist them in using CLIP to its fullest potential. Currently, Bill heads up the customer service area, a combination of sales and support, managing a team of four who all share the goal – “Your success is our passion!”


Dave Tucker Sr

David Tucker Sr.

Dave Tucker has been in the service IT business since 1987. Realizing the need for software in the Green Industry back in 1987, Dave created CLIP to help service companies systematize their processes and increase profits through the use of technology, information and networking. Dave, as president of CLIP software, has over 13,000 installed users using CLIP Software throughout the world. Dave enjoys teaching others the principles of using systems in their businesses to attain “Beach Management”.

Dave says: “Helping others attain success in their companies and gain time to be with their loved ones is my driving desire.” Dave has helped companies find success through various software programs he has created such as CLIP and KnowItAll (insert link), conferences and classes on business methods in the Green Industry, and his books: “Lawn Maintenance and the Beautiful Business” and “Piecework and the Beautiful Business“.

Dave Tucker is the president of Sensible Software, Inc. (creators of CLIP software), CLIP LawnCare LLC, KnowItAll, LLC, CLIP Lawn Care Franchise, LLC., and CLIP Lawn Care of Middle Tennessee, LLC. For more information about Dave Tucker Sr. Click Here



What Our Customers Say About Site Visits:

We switched to a piece rate pay system and we have doubled our margins. In the process I have been able to bill out an additional 36 man hours per week per mowing crew with the efficiencies gained. This is without adding any additional employees or equipment on these crews. Since implementation the whole culture of the company has changed and my “baby sitting” has almost all disappeared! Out side of peak sales seasons I am working 4 hours a day. I have also removed 10-12 hours of physical labor that i use to perform myself every week from last year. In addition I hired an admin 15-20 hours a week, rented an office, and gave myself a 10k raise and have still doubled my profit this year even after taking a 10k loss in July with the drought. So yes anything that I can do to help show people the value of KNOWING YOUR NUMBERS and having SYSTEMS in place is the least I can do for turning me on to the piece rate system.



Hi Dave,
My name is Danielle and I am one of the owners of Lawncare & Landscaping. I recently started helping my husband in the office and realized that we have had Clip for a few years now however it was not being used. That is when I set up a site visit with Bill Crawford.
Bill came to our office for a full day of training. I just wanted to let you know that Bill’s extensive knowledge of the program and his patience during training have been invaluable to our company. Since our training in August we have started using the program and have realized its full potential. Since the training Bill has also been very helpful and responsive to our questions. We truly appreciate his support in getting us up and running with this program.

Thank you,


Hello Dave,
Bill Crawford was at our facility doing training from December 5-7, I just wanted to send you a note to let you know how much we enjoyed having him here.
He was very knowledgeable of Clip and conveyed all the different aspects of how Clip can work best for us. We found him to be very patient and willing to help out any way he could.
He represented your Company very well and we appreciate all he did for us.

Thank you,


Good Morning Bill and Clip team!
I just want to say thank you for sending John down to give us training on the clip program that man has a wealth of information and is not scared to share it! It was a pleasure meeting and working with John I hope we can continue to grow with Clip and have a lasting relationship with your trainers and this program. Again thank you



Last week we had Glen come to our office to do some training with our company.
Just want to let you know what a great job he did, His training should be a must for all new Clip customers.
Thanks again.