Setting up Contract (or installment) customers and jobs in CLIPxe - Webinar 1

How do you setup customers that pay monthly? What about customers that split out payment over 8 months? Mowing contracts, or snow contracts, CLIPxe has a way!!

Dave shows you how to setup those jobs in CLIPxe.

CLIP Has Tools to Make Data Better

Running a business can be time consuming. Therefore, having more tools at your fingertips to make your job easier is important. Setting up a contract can be simple and easy using the tools provided in CLIPxe.

Color coding makes things easier to keep organized and to ensure you don’t miss any important information. For instance, highlight areas to indicate if certain fields are needed or not in the contract.

Making a manual for your Standard Contract makes it easy to train new people. Above all, it will help to prevent errors.

Be sure to use the Packages option to group jobs together.

Everyone Likes a KnowItAll

How many times have you had to search in a dozen places to find your official procedure on something? For example, what’s your policy on taking breaks?

That might be an easy one, but finding the information you need in a hurry is important to any successful business.

Firstly, KnowItAll allows you to set up a standard operating manual that can be accessed by everyone in your company.

Secondly, ensure all the processes for entering contracts are up to date.

Did you know, in KnowItAll you can search by keywords? You can store documents such as phone scripts as well to help standardize your company.

Remember These Simple Rules

Whether you’re setting up a contract or have monthly payment customers, using CLIP software makes keeping track of it all easy. Below are a few tips to get you going.

Be sure you set your discounts up in QuickBooks for qCLIPxe. Then you can import them in using the QuickBook Functions. If you’re using CLIPxe, you can set them up directly in the software.

Chemical applications can be set up through jobs, but it’s more effective to enter them under Programs and Rounds.

Don’t forget, be sure to change jobs that aren’t part of a contract to Per Service. You can also set up prepaid as well.

Does your customer want to pay you in installments? CLIP has you covered. Just go to Financials and set up the payments under the Installments tab. You can even create a coupon book for your customer on the same page.

The Right Tools for Every Job

No matter what type of job, having the right tool will make it easier.

From setting up a contract, to giving discounts, and even putting together a standard operating manual, CLIP can do it all. Having all the right tools available frees you up for the important work, growing your business.