Routing Efficiently

Save yourself hours a week by routing efficiently

When you first started your lawn company, you probably took any job that you could. Likely, it didn’t matter where the job was located in your town. That’s what you have to do sometimes when you first start. To make it the most efficient (and the best profits), you need to focus on your driving time and understand routing.

Just shaving 2 minutes off a property can bring your total times down by hours a week.  When you have your routing set up correctly and focus on getting new customers that are already near your routes, it can save you the same amount of time, or even more!

Make Your Routes Efficient

The first step of routing is making sure that you line up your customers in the most efficient routs. CLIPitc is integrated with Google Maps. Using CLIP for routing allows you to push a few buttons and it’s complete.

Routing Your Lawn Maintenance Jobs Efficiently 1

Add New Customers On Your Current Routes

The second step is to focus on only adding new customers that are on your route. I’m not telling you to take down your website or eliminate your Craigslist ad, of course, but put a little more effort into adding customers to the areas you are already working. After all, 10 minutes a day of extra travel time is still 50 minutes a week when you weren’t making money.

One of the ways that our lawn franchise, CLIP Lawn Care LLC, does this is by passing out flyers in the neighborhoods where they already mow.

An easy way they do this is when in a two-person crew, one guy is finishing with the blower while the other has a few minutes of free time. Have the free guy put a flyer on each of the neighbors’ doors. Using flyers this way doesn’t take you any extra time, and hardly any cost with the flyer. It could end up giving you a customer with NO additional travel time! If you need to get a lot more customers, you could also send a mailing to the specific neighborhoods you are already mowing in.

As you charge closer to the end of the season, it’s the best time to evaluate your efficiency – so tighten your routes, check your man hour ratings (including travel time), and finish the season strong!