The lifeblood of a small business is word of mouth.

These days, word of mouth doesn’t just extend to the folks you interact with personally, it’s also your extended reach on social media.

If a customer wants to figure out what local business to use for their lawn care needs, they may look to Facebook.

Facebook reviews are a unique way to earn the trust of a potential customer and the best way to get them is to inform your customers and ask for them.

How To Review A Small Business On Facebook

From the Page you want to review:

Click Reviews on the left side of the Page’s timeline



When you click on Reviews, you will see their rating and be able to recommend them



The next step allows you to write a review that is at least 25 characters long

How To Review A Small Business On Facebook 1

Click How To Review A Small Business On Facebook 2 to select your audience

How To Review A Small Business On Facebook 3

Click Done

What To Do If Someone Leaves A Negative Review

Facebook Reviews can also be a deterrent if mostly negative.

Take our page for instance.

After an unfortunate interaction with an IT representative, this spam comment was left on our page.

How To Review A Small Business On Facebook 4

This is very obviously a fake account from someone that didn’t want to stand behind their review.

As you can see, although it’s not an accurate portrayal of the work we do at CLIP, we tried to be respectful and help the customer.

Folks that come to our page can see that we’ve attempted to help and that’s what matters most.

Unfortunately, at this time, there’s no way to delete Facebook Reviews.

But not all is lost, Facebook’s Help Center says:

Reviews that don’t follow our guidelines may be removed.

Ratings and reviews must:

Follow the Facebook Community Standards
Focus on the product or service offered by the Page
Be based on personal experience

Trust your work and while they can help grow your business, don’t let Facebook Reviews rule you. They are just another tool in your marketing arsenal.