What Is Piecework in the Landscaping Industry?

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If the idea of Piecework seems intriguing, you may be thinking about how to implement it.

How to implement piecework in your lawn care business

If you refer back to our book “Lawn Maintenance, Piecework and the Beautiful Business” it has seven steps to successful implementation.

The first step is getting buy-in

Among them is the instruction to go to your folks and sell it to them first.

You have to convince them that piecework can be useful for them. Let them know that, if they’re smart, they’re going to make more money. The lazy folks are not going to make money. The folks do a good job, the productive people, are going to make a lot more money.

Solve it that way.

You might try to help them understand that this will put you on the same side as one another. That you’re going to be together in this.

You’re going to be serving the customer and trying to get the customer to be happy with your service.

Be in it together

Also, what I found is the employees will then go a step farther and start to do marketing for you. They’re going to want to have the jobs that are right close around the job that they’re doing.

This way they can make more money.

They may also start doing estimates all on their own.

Sell it to them

Tell them how it is. But, also, throughout one to three weeks, track their hours on the clock and with piecework.

By tracking those two, you can let them know at the end of the one to three weeks which one made them more money.

Let Them Choose (Increasing What You to Pay Lawn care Employees)

I guarantee that the hard workers are going to make a lot more money on piecework than the lazy ones. The lazy ones are going to drop out right at the beginning.

At the end of the designated period show them the two paychecks. It’s not difficult to choose between a $1,500 check over a $1,200 one.

Most of my experience has taught me that your crews will get the idea within about two days.

Within two to three days they understand that standing around and drinking coffee, shop time, and 7-eleven stops are not paying them anything.

The employees pull with you

The other thing that is cool about that is that the employees start to push your company. You don’t have to be the only one promoting the business anymore.

Remember, if they can stretch out their work longer, they get paid more.

If you start paying by piecework, your crews will begin wanting to accumulate the jobs that are close to the one they’re doing.

They want to push your company, minimize drive time, minimize breakdowns and shop time in the morning.

They’re on your side.

Together you can move forward and build your company

It’s incredible how much piecework changes the character of your company.

Your business becomes a new one. You’ll do less babysitting, have fewer hassles, and there won’t be the tension between management and labor anymore.

We’ve had so many testimonials of people say they would never go back.

When everybody’s in it together, you’ll never want to go back to the way it was before. 

You need the Right PieceWork Tracking Software

Our customers have been using CLIP for years to implement piece work in their businesses. Hear it from them.

“We switched to a piece rate pay system, and we have doubled our margins. In the process, I have been able to bill out an additional 36 man hours per week per mowing crew with the efficiencies gained. This is without adding any additional employees or equipment on these crews.

Since implementation, the whole culture of the company has changed, and my “babysitting” has almost all disappeared! Outside of peak sales seasons, I am working 4 hours a day… I have also removed 10-12 hours of physical labor that I used to perform myself every week from last year. Also, I hired an admin 15-20 hours a week, rented an office, and gave myself a 10k raise and have still doubled my profit this year even after taking a 10k loss in July with the drought. So yes, anything that I can do to help show people the value of KNOWING YOUR NUMBERS and having SYSTEMS in place is the least I can do for turning me on to the piece rate system.”

Mike C.


Piecework can help you boost your efficiency, minimize downtime, keep equipment in excellent condition, and much more. Let us know if you need some help trying it out today or learn more in Dave Tucker’s book, “Lawn Maintenance Piecework and the Beautiful Business.” And sign up for a 30 day, risk-free trial of the best piecework tracking software in the industry today.

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