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Orlando Tree Removal Service

McCullough Tree Service is a preeminent Orlando Tree Removal Service” href=”https://mcculloughtreeservice.com/tree-removal/”>Orlando Tree Removal Service provider with top of the line equipment, certified arborists, and exceptional customer service. We are the #1 tree company in Orlando, FL, with reviews from hundreds of happy and satisfied clients.

Cost of tree removal in Orlando

On average, the cost of removing a tree can range between $100 and $1,800, depending upon the height of the tree. For removing small trees that are less than 30 feet tall, the cost can range between $250 and $300. For medium-sized trees that range between 30 and 60 feet in height, the cost varies between $300 and $700.

For removing trees taller than 60 feet, we charge between $700 and $1,800. The price you pay for removal of a tree can differ based on the height, diameter, complexity of the job, location, and type of tree. As a team of leading tree service professionals, we strive to offer affordable, high-end services for complete customer satisfaction.

What makes us the #1 tree removal company in Orlando?

We are a leading Orlando FL commercial tree company with a team of highly qualified arborists. With several years of experience in offering tree service in Orlando, we offer our clients with valuable tree maintenance tips and advice to help them nurture a healthy flora and foliage.

All our arborists are insured and hold the necessary licenses to provide you with peak tree services. We hold a reputation for offering trimming, pruning, demossing, and tree removal services at affordable prices in Orlando with exceptional customer service.

Signs that warn the need for tree removal

Removing a tree can be both a practical and an emotional decision. While trees can live for several decades, poor maintenance or disease can cause a tree to die and pose a health hazard for other trees in your property. Here are several signs that warn the need for tree removal:

  • Poor health – If you find more than half of your tree in a damaged or “hazardous” condition, you must remove the tree as soon as possible. Some of the signs of poor health include halted growth, odd shape, abnormal growth characteristics, deformed leaves, and overall strange appearance.
  • Tree hollowness – A tree with a hollow trunk is a sign of a dead tree, and if you find at least one-third of the tree hollow, it's time to have it removed due to its compromised trunk strength.
  • Damage to the tree trunk – If you spot signs of damage in the trunk of the tree, such as cracks, seams, dead branches, or other types of wounds, it suggests declining health.

Call us at 407-734-5854 to get a free estimate or visit our website. McCullough Tree Service is a top-rated Orlando Tree Removal Service provider with several years of experience and an expert team of arborists. Entrust your tree-related needs to us, and we will make sure you have the most healthy-looking, fruit yielding, and beautiful trees in your lawn or backyard.

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