We’ve been talking about piecework for years here at CLIP.

We’ve spoken to thousands of companies over the years about implementing it in their business. On this site alone you will find dozens of resources including articles, videos, webinars, and excerpts from my book about it.

Many of the customers I talk to about piecework can’t wrap their head around how valuable the system would be to their lawn maintenance company.

Here are the top 5 objections to implementing piecework in your lawn care company.

Quality Will Go Down The Toilet

This is probably the most common objection I hear. While the concern is
understandable, this is only a perceived barrier.

The results of numerous companies show that if budgeted times are fair and incentives are provided for quality work, the high standards of service a company provides can be maintained, and even improved.

There are many different ways to ensure quality, like the ones you read.

Systems are like clear envelopes with money that is taken away at each complaint. Thinking about it in this way can keep your quality up – or even improve it!

Piecework Isn’t Legal

This simply is not true.

The law provides room for creative systems of pay as long as the pay remains above minimum wage. You can read more details on this over here, where I explain how to pay your employees while using the piecework system.

Some CLIP users I know have had their system audited by a
government agency.

All have passed with flying colors.

In the final analysis, the agency always concludes that the company did not violate any labor laws when they remembered to track hours, pay minimum wage and pay overtime.

My Employees Won’t Buy In

You’re right!

Some of your employees won’t buy into the system, but that is actually a good thing.

Only the employees that are willing to work hard for their paychecks will be willing to buy into the system. In my estimation, those are the only ones you want!

You may find that, because they are so much more productive, you don’t even need to replace the workers that left. The key to inspiring your team to embrace piecework is presenting it correctly at the outset and showing them how it will benefit their paychecks.

Do this, and your employees will learn to thrive under the piecework system.

Piecework Is Too Complicated

Some setups can be complicated, but the system of paying for budgeted man-hours is just as easy as basic hourly pay.

Initially, there will be a little research to do regarding your state’s laws. As you progress, you’ll find minor things you may have questions about as well. However, overall, the system is easy to understand, and easy to implement.

Keep in mind that the benefits of paying by piecework are definitely worth the time it takes to set up your systems. When you set up your piecework system, using the right piecework tracking service makes the whole setup process even easier!

I Don’t Want To Increase My Profits

Just kidding, I haven’t heard that one before. But sometimes I sure think
that’s what some folks are telling me!

Although we did hear another success story about piecework this week from one of our customers that switched this season…

To be clear, I am not saying that every company must implement
piecework in order to be successful.

There are obviously many successful and profitable companies that do not use this system. What I hope I have shown you throughout this book is that piecework is one more step that can make your company so much more successful!

If you are interested in how to set this stuff up in your company, check out our book “Lawn Maintenance Piecework and the Beautiful Business” and all of these sweet articles on the subject.