Promotion is the last step in your marketing plan, but also the most involved! Now that you got your products/services list together, determined your prices, and decided what area you want to work in – it’s time to promote your company. This is often the hardest step because it involves the most creativity.  For you creative people out there, this is also the most fun!

Let’s start by going back to those 3 lists you created already and find ways to think outside the box.

Keep Your Research In Mind!


Are you trying to sell mow, blow and go weekly services? Are you focusing on landscaping jobs? The list you made about your most profitable (and enjoyable) work is key to how you want to promote your business!  If you want landscaping jobs, you might want to focus on new neighborhoods going up with owners that are creative with some extra cash. If you want to mow, blow, and go – you should find people that have two incomes or busy lives, so they don’t want to deal with yard maintenance. Think through your favorite products and services that you want to promote, and make sure they are on your mind when you think of creative ways to promote yourself!


When you evaluated your prices, are they on the high end for your area, or the low end? This evaluation should tell you if your focus is on upper or medium income households. Keep your price range in mind as you brainstorm marketing ideas. It won’t help you to advertise to low-income families when you have high-income prices!


Always, always, always remember what location you want to serve! The last thing you ever want is to spend too much money on gas and payroll because of travel time and be stuck making much less than a profit on your jobs. It might seem like it doesn’t matter when you’re a one-person company, but your time would be worth something at any other job, so remember that it’s worth something now, as well!

Time To Brainstorm!

There are several different categories you should consider when deciding where to spend your time, money and efforts on promotion. Some of these are free but take time to do, others might require a bit of money but reap in the profits for your company.


Are your potential customers going to use the internet, check out Facebook or look up your webpage? Now days, there is almost NEVER a good excuse to not have an online presence.  Here are some of the online things you should make sure you have in 2016.


There are so many resources out there to make a free website, almost anyone can make one! When you are creating your website make sure that it includes several keywords about your area and your services. You can even purchase a GoogleAdWords ad that lets you put up an ad (and link to your website) when someone searches for certain words (like “Lawn Service (Your Town)”).  When the words are highly specific to your area and services, the cost can be pretty low, and the benefits can be awesome.

Promotion on Social Media


More and more people in their 20-40s are using Facebook every day. So why not have a Facebook page? It’s free, and it can be a great way to let people mention you and your company in their Facebook posts.  You can link to articles on landscaping, advertise your services, post pictures of your work, direct people to your website, and so much more!

Twitter, YouTube, Email Blasts, Blogs and so many other online marketing options can be ways to get your name out.

  • If you like making videos, think about doing a YouTube video showing a spring clean up (or something else you love doing).
  • If you’re a writer, write a blog to link to your Facebook and website and write tips for landscaping that your customers might be interested in.
  • Just be sure that your online side shows the products, services, and places that you want to do. Make sure that your online presence has lots of keywords that promote the things you want to sell in the area you want to work in.

Stay tuned for “Create Your Marketing Plan – Promotion Part 2”, where we will cover other creative ways to promote your company!