Create Your Lawn Care Marketing Plan - Product 1

Most business owners don’t have a B.S. in Business Management or Marketing – they learn from experience!  Experience is always the best teacher of life – but it can be handy to review some of those business tools as you prepare to have an even better season next year. So we are going to start a small series on Business Management and start with the 4 P’s of Marketing. – Product, Price, Place and Promotion. If you don’t have a firm marketing plan in place, winter is a fabulous time to make one!

ProductWhat are you selling?

Here at CLIP Lawn Care LLC we like to say that we are selling time.


Yes. We aren’t selling a mower, and we aren’t selling a gardener, we aren’t even really selling a manicured lawn. We sell our customers time so that they don’t have to fill up their weekends with yard maintenance. At CLIP Software, we sell time as well! CLIP Software gives our customers time to focus on making money instead of tracking their numbers or keeping up their routing system, or getting flooded with paperwork.

You might like to say that you are selling a perfect lawn, and maybe that is your focus. Perhaps you are selling tree work, or expert lawn care, or landscaping. Whatever you want to focus on as your product, you need to write down the exact perfect product that you like to sell (even if it’s honestly a service). Include all the services/products that you sell and focus on the ones that make you the most money.

How do you define your business?

Are you like CLIP Lawncare, where you want to save your customers time? To do this, we focus on mow, blow and go? Alternatively, do you want to be the “Green Industry Expert” that offers all kinds of services like Chemical Applications and Landscaping? Go through all the products and services you sell. Find out which ones you enjoy the most and which ones make you the most money.  Reviewing all your services might take a while, but I promise you it will be worth it!

List every service and product you do and what your income has been on it over the past year. Remember to subtract any product costs in landscaping/chemicals/or hardscaping projects. Also, remember to subtract the cost you had in payroll for the amount of time spent on those services.  Once you have those numbers all laid out, you should be able to see which services/products are making you the most money. If some products rank pretty equal on the profits they give you, then list them according to which ones you enjoy offering the most.

Once you know your perfect product/service to sell that makes you the most money you can know what you want to focus on selling next season! Keep track of the products that make you the most money, and tune in next week to see the best way to market them!