What place do you want to work in? In making our marketing plans for the new year we have discussed the products that you want to sell and the price that you want to sell them for. Now it’s time to decide where you want to sell these products!

Knowing in what place you want to market your products is essential. Once you have enough work to turn away customers, you should know exactly what area you want to service.

Are you looking for two-income families in townhouses that you can go in and out of with a trimmer? Conversely, do you want to service the two-acre lots in the suburbs where you can use your 52″ all day? Even more importantly, are you keeping your routes tight, so you aren’t paying for lots of travel time?

Get Out Your Product and Price Lists

Your product and pricing list that you already created can help with finding out what area’s best to work in. Are your products more focused on mow, blow and go or high-quality landscaping? Are your prices on the low end or high end of the pricing spectrum for the area? Focus on marketing to the area that would accept your prices and type of work. If you have the equipment for bigger properties, then focus on neighborhoods with bigger lots. If you make the most money on smaller jobs, then focus on smaller lots. Neighborhoods can vary greatly. Know exactly where your ideal customers are located based on your price and services that you make the most money on.

Check Out Where You Make Your Money

Where are most of your customers located now?  Which ones are making you the most money (Find out your man hour rating here)? Is there a neighborhood that has some of your best clients?

Perhaps you can offer some of your best customers a gift card if they refer you to their neighbors. You can even ask if you can put a small sign in their yard that says “Maintenance/Landscaping by Insert Your Company Name – Your Neighborhood Lawn Company. Call us at 123-456-7890 to learn more.At CLIP Lawn Care LLC, we once hosted a neighborhood picnic to get more customers in the area we wanted! There are often little local craft fairs or festivals that you could be a part of to get new customers in a particular area. One of the best and cheapest ways to market to your perfect place is to have your employees put sales door hangers on the neighbor’s properties of where they currently mow.

Don’t Drive All Day

When talking about the place that you sell to I can’t ignore that the most important thing. Don’t pay your employees (or even yourself), for hours and hours of travel time. In the long run that will keep you from making much of a profit. In the short run, it’s just annoying to be driving all day. Have planned routes that stay pretty close together. Focus on marketing to the neighborhoods that you mow in now. It will save you lots of travel time in the long run.

Find your perfect location, and brainstorm for the best ways to market to it in 2016!