How to grow a lawn maintenance business one level at a time

The best way to grow a lawn maintenance business is to start thinking like a big company even when you’re still small. Hey Clippers! Dave Tucker here to talk about business growth and the mindset behind it. As you know, I’m all in favor of starting small. I love telling [...]

Smart Tips For Hiring the Right Lawn Maintenance Business

As your lawn maintenance business grows, you’ll need more lawn maintenance business employees to keep it going. Here’s our quick guide to hiring the right people. Hey Clippers! Dave Tucker here to talk about the ABCs of hiring for your lawn maintenance business. Hiring is a highly personal process, and [...]

How to Use Creative Problem-Solving to Grow Your Lawn Maintenance Business

With a creative problem-solving mindset, you can overcome any obstacle to growing your lawn maintenance business. Hey Clippers! Dave Tucker here to talk about thinking outside the box. When you’re running a small business, you’re bound to encounter a few hiccups. And you’ll sometimes need a creative mindset and a [...]

A Handy Guide For Choosing the Best Lawn Maintenance Business Equipment

Lawn maintenance business equipment is a mainstay of what you do each day. So, let's talk shop (and shopping). Hey Clippers! Dave Tucker here again to talk about the beautiful business. This time of year, you're likely to be noticing that some of your machinery and tools are looking a [...]

Lawn Maintenance Paperwork 101: Estimates, Agreements, and Contracts

Strong systems, organized records, and documentation can help keep your lawn maintenance business running smoothly. Today we’re talking about estimates, agreements, and contracts, as well as the importance of trust. Hey Clippers! Dave Tucker here with a little Paperwork 101. We’re going to talk about the purposes and differences between [...]

How to Market to and Win Your First Lawn Maintenance Customer (Part One)

You can execute a simple, effective marketing plan for your lawn maintenance business without a fancy business degree. Hey Clippers! Dave Tucker here to demystify the world of marketing. There’s a lot of high-brow terminology out there about marketing and sales, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. What is [...]

How to Create a Productive Lawn Maintenance Season Plan

You need a solid lawn maintenance season plan to ensure a profitable year. Hey Clippers! Dave Tucker here, and today we’re talking about timing and planning. The beautiful business is ruled by the four seasons, so it’s important to take weather changes into consideration when you’re making plans. Marketing seasons [...]

The Beneficial Basics of Starting a Lawn Maintenance Businesses

Starting a lawn maintenance business involves some nitty-gritty details. Hey, Clippers! Dave Tucker here. Today we’re going to go over some of the serious stuff - the important legal steps you need to take to protect your beautiful business. This may not be the most exciting material we cover in [...]

Why lawn maintenance residual income is such a solid source

Lawn maintenance residual income is an excellent source for financial security. Hey Clippers! We’re talking money today here on And I've got a question at the end, so stay with me here! You may have heard the term “residual income” before. Depending on who you ask, it’s also called [...]

A Few Undeniably Good Reasons to Start a Lawn Maintenance Business

Hey, clippers! Dave Tucker here with the next installment of our CLIP startup series.    Today I want to talk about a few reasons why you should choose lawn maintenance for your business. And I’d like to start with a story.   My nephew, James, was eleven years old when [...]

Story of Two Landscapers

The Story of Two Landscapers There were two landscapers in the town of Work Opportunity. They were Fred Grows and Joe Smart and they had each built a sizable Landscaping company.  The gross sales for each company were right at $1,000,000.  That means that they were in the upper 3% [...]

Four Excellent Reasons to Own Your Own Business

Hello, Clippers! Dave Tucker here again.  As promised, we’re kicking off the series on starting your own successful lawn maintenance business. As you may recall from last week’s article, my family is my top priority. Back in 1986, I wanted to earn a little extra money to support them, [...]

Making Money With Winter Work

What sort of winter work do you typically do to get you through those cold months? Are you afraid of losing good employees? Maybe you're just scared of cabin fever. Either way, these tips will hopefully give you some ideas of what you can do during the long winter months. [...]

The 5 Contract Types We Recommend For Snowplowing

Snowplowing tends to be feast or famine — it might be 60 degrees on New Years Day one year, and you might have 2 feet of snow the next year. How can you still make money while maintaining all that expensive snow removal equipment? Firstly, snow plowing requires that you [...]

Should I Raise My Lawn Service Prices Between Seasons?

We're just about ready to get into winter time. Now is the time when most people sit down and say "Hmm, I should have made more money last year and I didn't." One way to make more money is to raise your lawn service prices, right? If everybody pays more, boom, [...]

5 Ways To Market Your Lawn Care Business Locally

You operate in the same neighborhoods all the time, sometimes weekly, and that makes them the best place to market your lawn care business locally. That's a ton of time your crews spend in a specific area, making impressions on neighbors and customers alike. If you can attract more customers [...]

Utilizing ACH Payments In CLIPitc Will Boost Your Profits

Utilizing ACH Payments In CLIPitc Will Boost Your Profits As your season comes to an end, it's a good time to take stock and see how you can automate parts of your business for next year. If you can accept money from your customers without having to wait for a [...]

Are You Paying Yourself Enough As A Lawn Care Business Owner?

Are You Paying Yourself Enough As A Lawn Care Business Owner? Do you take a percentage of the revenues? Do you have a set salary with a raise every few years based on profits? Alternatively, even worse, do you share the business account with your personal account and just use [...]

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