Lawn Conditions In CLIPxe: Upselling To Customers - Webinar 1

In this webinar, Dave goes over Lawn conditions in CLIPxe. The lawn conditions function can be used to upsell services to customers, notify customers about issues with their lawns, and record problems that are unrelated to the service that you provide.

Capturing Emails Can Make Your Business Easier

Capturing an email address for every single customer is important. Not only is it a great way to communicate, but great for expanding your business.

Building business through emails can happen in many ways.

As an example, you can send coupons for inactive customer. Furthermore, you could email about new services that you’re adding this season. CLIPxe lets you use lawn conditions to add more individuality to these emails.

Adding email addresses into CLIP is a simple process.

First, open your customers file and go to more phone numbers. Next, just add a valid email address. Then that unlocks options to send service notices or add a description. You can add multiple addresses to the same client.

Setting Up Conditions Is Easy and Configurable

CLIP Software has many ways to make your job easier. Using lawn conditions is one simple way. By being able to spot additional jobs, you can easily upsell more work.

By the way, what do we mean by lawn conditions?

To summarize, it’s any condition you find while taking care of a job for your customer.

You can set up any conditions that you’d like, such as sprinkler broken or brown patches. However, it doesn’t have to just be lawn conditions. You can set up anything you’d like to remind your customer about.

Setting up conditions takes only a few steps. You can find them under system and then chemicals/materials.

These lawn conditions can be used with both Jobs and Program/Rounds.

After that, when you’re recording your work, you’ll be able to select the lawn conditions you found. Finally, you’ll be able to quote additional work for your customers .

Using CLIP2GO allows you to set lawn conditions as well. This step will allow on the job updating. Your team won’t have to wait until closing the job.

How Can Lawn Conditions Help Your Business?

Earlier we talked about how important capturing emails is. Using contact management, CLIPxe makes it easy to send out an email blast to your clients. In other words, it helps you grow your business.

You can easily pick a date range of jobs. Then you can customize emails for your clients. Most importantly, you can choose to add the conditions that you discovered in these emails.

Compared to normal emails, this specifically targets each customer’s individual needs.

Coupled with speaking to the customer during the job, this email can help create more business.

Communication is key for every business. Be sure to get the most out of CLIP, and your customers, with our lawn condition settings and email blasts.