New features in CLIPitc - May 2019 1

As we start 2017 I want to go over some of the features that we added to CLIPitc over the past year. We have a lot planned for 2017, and have much better processes in place internally!!

Additional Charges

Additional charges are one of the features that we’ve added. Use additional charges if you need to tack on a dump fee (you could also add it as a material to your job), or another miscellaneous charge that you don’t need time tracking on.

Don’t use this for your jobs, you won’t be able to pull Employee efficiency reports, schedule work, etc. This is only meant for minor extra charges that you need to add after you recorded work for the customer.

New features in CLIPitc - May 2019 2

Notes in CLIPitc

We added some new features in notes so that your crew won’t miss important things on the job!

You can have notes automatically popup on the mobile app. Just check the box to force the popup when you add the note. We also made the route sheet notes appear in red.

New features in CLIPitc - May 2019 3


Mobile App Scheduling

We added date options to your CLIPitc mobile app so that you can load a whole week, but have the crew just deal with one day at a time.

Mobile App Dates


We have some things planned for 2017 that will make the experience even better between the office and the crews in the field.


Auto Finalize work

We Made it so that work can be automatically finalized at a specific time (under company settings).

If you combine this with the “Daily work report” you can get reports on the work as it gets done, and have it automatically entered into the system.

New features in CLIPitc - May 2019 4


Global changes

Added global changes for jobs and materials. If you need to update your Quick Books item, job name, you can change it for all of your jobs in one click.

If you change the information in materials for a material that has quantity calculated it will automatically recalculate with the new information.

New features in CLIPitc - May 2019 5


Chemical Invoice options

Added the Route sheet invoice, legal size invoice, and preprinted legal size form (you can buy preprinted forms, or print your own forms) for programs and rounds, or normal jobs.
New features in CLIPitc - May 2019 6

Sales Report

Added a sales report that exports to excel.

Sales report


Piecework Payroll

Added a payroll report that can help you pay based on production hours (piecework).

Payroll report options

6 new Work Projections reports

Added work projections reports so that you can calculate future materials needed, see jobs coming up, and forecast your revenue. In total there are 6 new reports that you can pull!!

Work projjections reports


Custom Report Generator

Added a custom report generator to CLIPitc (we are planning on adding more fields to the custom report generator as we get requests from customers). Now you can create reports in CLIPitc.


Adjust Schedule

Now you can adjust your crews quickly and change 100’s of jobs crews with just 1 click.


Made it so that you can email invoices from CLIPitc, have customers pay from the email, view the invoice on the portal (without logging in) and pay online from the email

Made it so that you can delete invoices and make changes and re-invoice easily.

Added new reports for reprinting statements, and invoices.

Added pricing permissions for all of CLIPitc. Now there is a special permission that just hides the price. If your crews don’t need that information you can hide it from them.

We added Google maps optimization for 22 or less stops. It makes it much more accurate to use google maps for routing instead of our third party solution. Stay tuned for more updates on this in the future.

Added new chemical applications reports and fields.

and much much more!!