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Lawn Care Nut

Cracking the lawn care nut can be difficult for any landscaping business. Your crews need to minimize time-on-site and in transit, while keeping your clients happy. Clip helps you track your clients and employees while automating the management of daily tasks.

What are the benefits of automation?

Automation in the landscaping business brings efficiency to slim margins. Software gets rid of hours of paperwork and the need for administrative assistants.

Clip connects a calendar directly to routing software and crew management. You eliminate the need to maintain files and gain the ability to work on the ground while effectively placing your crews where they generate the most value.

What tasks can I automate at my landscaping business?

Many tasks can be automated within your landscaping business. You manage your employees, decide on routes, and use intuition where technology can offer tangible benefits.

Clips intuitive user interface grants you real-time management capabilities. Change crews, routes, and schedule new visits on sight from your phone, eliminating the need to file paperwork or perform menial tasks.

Controlling my schedule with specialty software

A lawn never rests. The lawn care nuts behind Clip understand this and want to provide features to deal with your entire business.

We built a scheduler directly connected to everything you need to succeed. Route, assign and plan your daily routine with ease.

Is there a return on investment when using project management software?

Every yard is a project. Every client has different needs. Whether you are working with a large corporation trying to impress customers or a homeowner, every yard needs to look its best and shaving merely two minutes off-work time on a property can save hours of productivity every week.

A study by Visual Planning found a positive correlation between the use of project and employee management software and success. With nearly 44 percent of businesses still not using HR and project software, you also gain an edge over your competition.

How can I view my profit on landscaping jobs?

At the end of the day, you want to understand how you can make a profit. Reporting tools need to relate your jobs to the revenue they bring in.

Clip gives you this power and allows you to break down tasks by profitability. Our software allows you to talk directly to QuickBooks while reorganizing teams to maximize effect. You can control every aspect of your business.

Software for every lawn care nut

Whether your business is small or large, we offer plans to help you reach as many lawns as possible in the lowest amount of time. Gain access to every aspect of your business and help make a more beautiful world with specially tailored project management software.

Clip is a potent platform aimed at taking your landscaping business to the next level. Get in touch with us today for more information on how one of our plans can help your business grow as strong as an oak.


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