Make Your Lawn Care Business Stand Out From The Rest 1

Have you ever seen a neon green truck? How would you feel about years of advertising for only $1000-$2000? How about thousands of local people viewing your advertisement that makes you stand out?

Don’t you think you’d do a double take? 

One of the best ways to market yourself in the green industry is to stand out, and neon green trucks are one of our favorite ways to get a second glance.

When you’ve been in the Green Industry for 30+ years like we have at CLIP Software, you’ve learned a thing or two about marketing lawn maintenance.

Our thousands of users and experience agree that the first step in marketing is to make yourself stand out.  Below are some ideas that we have learned from our customers and used in our own lawn maintenance company, CLIP Lawn Care.

Tell Your Story

Why did you start a company?  How long have you been around?  Think about what your company is all about and how you can convey that to your customers.  Some ways to do that are to send out Holiday Cards with a picture or to write a short biography on a flyer you hand out.

Don’t use white trucks

Make your trucks and employee outfits stand out.  Some companies do this with hot pink trucks, hats, and jumpsuits; we do it with fluorescent green trucks and t-shirts.  You want your vehicles to stand out with a unique color, catchy logo, and an alluring phrase to get interest from potential customers.

Make a welcome packet

You want your customers to stay with you forever.  So why not start by treating them like they are a new member of your family?  Give them a welcome packet with the story of your company, a list of your services, recommendations from your current customers, and maybe fun facts about maintaining their lawn.

Have a unique marketing piece

We like the $20 flyer for your first lawn cut.  We pass out these door hangers in neighborhoods where we know we won’t get a massive loss from offering just a $20 cut and the potential customer receives an estimate the first time their lawn is mowed.

Drop off Chocolates on Valentine’s Day

If you’re still mowing, of course.  If not, maybe give them a small American Flag on the 4th of July, or find something else so they will remember you.  Your goal is to stand out and be the first company they think of when someone mentions grass.

Help the community

Maintain a community garden for free and have a small sign with your company information at the garden.  Alternatively, touch up the black lamp posts in a neighborhood you work in and leave a note.  If you have a big landscape project going on you might want to have a free carwash there one Saturday and pass out flyers.

Ask for referrals

Send your customers a note just asking for referrals. Alternatively, offer them a gift card for every referral they send you that becomes a customer.  Isn’t it worth a $10 Starbucks card to get a new customer for life?

Show up precisely on time

It’s amazing these days how few people show up on time. Be on time, do a great job, and always be consistent. These little things could keep you far above your local competition. Stand out even more by setting up a random time like 9:37 and sticking to it!

Do something different

Could you be on a radio show or get mentioned in the paper?  Keep your eyes open for ways to get local publicity-they’re always looking for more information!

Use the Golden Rule

Lastly, but never least, treat your customers how you want to be treated. Even if they don’t swamp you with referrals because of your hard work, at least you’ll never need to replace them!