Let’s talk about using GPS trackers in your lawn care business.

The Hard Sell on GPS devices

You’ve seen the ads. You’ve likely had an encounter with the pushy salesperson. They probably hit you with the hard sell, too. “Just think! You can hide it out of sight, they’ll never know! You can track them in real-time! If these guys make an unexpected stop, you’ll know exactly when and where they stopped!”

Is this really the type of leadership you want for your company?

The Disadvantages of GPS Trackers

For starters, GPS trackers are expensive. They’re single-use devices, so outside of tracking your location, you’re not going to get much out of them. You’re looking at between $50 and $120 per month per vehicle. The device will use cell phone lines and data to transmit its location at all time. Those costs add up quickly, and that’s money you could be reinvesting back into your workers or equipment. It’s exceptionally wasteful spending.

Aren’t You Using Piecework?

These are adults you’re dealing with, not children. You don’t want to be that one boss that they talk about for the rest of their lives that micromanaged them into the ground. When you started your company, did you ever imagine wasting time tracking a vehicle’s speed as they went to the next job? Are you going to yell at your guys for stopping off to grab a bottle of water on a hot day between jobs?

The real issue here is how you’re managing your assignments. If you’re paying these guys by the hour, then you’re doing everything wrong. You should be utilizing a piecework system. With a piecework system in place, the last thing you should be worried about is tracking your employees’ every move.

You Already Have the Technology

But we get it. It’s difficult to let go completely, and it’s nice to have a “just in case” feature. That’s why we’ve built GPS tracking into the CLIP2Go app for CLIPxe and the CLIPitc app. At any point, you can check where your guys are, and you can watch them on the map if you’d like. This should be the exception to the rule, however. If you’re not allowing them to use their best ingenuity to create the best jobs possible for themselves and you, you’re only holding them back.

Learn to let go and trust your employees.

Before you cave to these salespeople that are going for the hard sell on these devices, stop and think about it. Is it cost effective? Is it conducive to the environment of trust that you’re trying to create? Will it allow the employees (and your business) to flourish?

The next time a salesperson tries to hit you with the hard sell on GPS devices for your lawn care business, you’ll have no problem turning them down. The functionality of the device that they’re trying to sell you is already built into the CLIP software.