Here are some of our favorite new things we saw at the GIE show:

We had such a blast sharing some of our Green Industry knowledge in our Beautiful Business Books, doing demos of CLIPItc, and sharing our resources from our own lawn company, CLIP Lawn Care LLC.

Here are some of our favorite cool things from other companies that we enjoyed learning about at GIE:

  • Tick Killz – Pest control that is environmentally green
  • Slat Trax – System to keep the lawn nice while using heavy landscaping equipment

We had such a blast at GIE 2015!  We got to pass out over 300 copies of “Piecework – Getting your employees to pull with you,” share our man hour rating worksheets, talk about our favorite program (CLIPitc), and show some CLIP Lawn Care marketing and the CLIP Lawn Care job costing reports.

Here is the CLIP Lawn Care marketing piece that we are going to be trying out next year. We are hoping to help customers see more of the value of the service that we offer. Not only do we cut your lawn, we give you your weekends back!!

Time is Money!!

Time is Money!!

Some people were surprised about how big our job costing report was for CLIP Lawn Care. The pages on the LEFT are customers that are under $45 per man hour (learn how to track your man hours here). They will get a raise in price next year. The ones on the right are customers over $45 per man hour. Their prices aren’t going to change!!


Dave Tucker got to speak at Tony Bass’ seminar on marketing to employees at GIE and share one of his favorite principles of beach management (managing a company from afar with minimal involvement) – Piecework!

One of our CLIP customers was at the seminar and shared with us how much piecework helped their company. She had been holding back on making the switch to piecework until her employees finally gave her an ultimatum and she had to give it a chance. When her crews switched to piecework, they were able to do the same amount of work as before in 4 days, instead of 5 – and with two less employees!  They had 3-4 crews before piecework so the increase in efficiency with the piecework method made an incredible difference for them!

We love hearing about your successes in the Green Industry.   🙂

Let us know how you have become more successful this year!