This was my first year at GIE+EXPO and it did not disappoint.

The folks over at GIE were Tweeting for days, giving little facts about the show. — How large the space is, how many miles you would walk if you saw everything, even how many basketball courts would fit into the convention center. — I was still shocked by the immensity of it.

We’re incredibly grateful for the conversations we were able to have with the attendees.

We typically take a lot of stuff with us to give away and lots of material to talk about.

This year, we gave away over 100 copies of “Piecework – Getting Your Employees To Pull With You” and “Lawn Maintenance and the Beautiful Business: How to Start, Run and Succeed in Lawn Maintenance, share our man hour rating worksheets, and show some CLIP Lawn Care marketing and the CLIP Lawn Care job costing reports.

Some shots of our booth from day 1!

GIE+EXPO 2017 — The Largest Show Yet 1 GIE+EXPO 2017 — The Largest Show Yet 2 GIE+EXPO 2017 — The Largest Show Yet 3

Man Hours

Some people were surprised about how big our job costing report was for CLIP Lawn Care. The pages on the LEFT are customers that are under $45 per man hour (learn how to track your man hours here). They will get a raise in price next year. The ones on the right are customers over $45 per man hour. Their prices aren’t going to change!!


Marketing Materials

We took some new marketing material with us as well. If you’re a user, is there anything you think we should add next year?
GIE+EXPO 2017 — The Largest Show Yet 4

We met a lot of really great people and can’t wait to get back again next year!