4 Secrets To Extreme Profits In Your Lawn Care Business - Systems 1

McDonald’s, Starbucks, and other franchises can have locations all over the world and offer a similar experience no matter which one you visit.

They’re able to do this because they have systems in place that can be used by the average person when they’re hired.

You don’t have to be a particularly skilled barista to be good at your job at Starbucks. This is because they’ve intentionally developed systems over the years to make training, daily tasks, customer management, and food prep reproducible.

4th Secret To Extreme Profit — Systems

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What is a system?

According to the dictionary, a system is “A group of related parts that move or work together.” Business is made up of many different parts including but not limited to customer service, accounting, employee management, marketing, etc. However, to have a profitable business that anyone can run, you have to design systems that blend seamlessly to create a smooth operation, which in turn, will make you more profitable. This way, when a new person comes on board or is promoted into position, they can lean on the processes in place and only need to learn how to do their job, not necessarily what their job is.

What would happen if your company had systems?

Systems can make your employees more reliable. And, with more reliability at the office, you might finally be able to take some vacation time. You could hire someone who may be bright but has no experience, quickly train them, and have them up to speed in a much speedier fashion.

With a set of systems in place, you could take a lot of menial burden off of yourself and use that time for other things.

What systems do you have in place?

How many systems do you currently have set up in your company?  Can you define all of the areas that are systems based?

If you’re not careful, a system will create itself if you’re unintentional about setting it up. This means that any bad habits that the people that hold positions of responsibility in your company are baked into those processes and taught to your new hires and promotions.

Don’t wait until you see a problem to organize and create the process. Even if you have good people, you can still have bad systems if they’ve not been considered well enough.

What systems do you need?

Think of the different aspects of your company and the roles within and make a list.

In our experience, it’s best to have a system in place for every part of your company.Don’t just consider how the pieces fit together but also how they’re built.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. What makes our business tick?
  2. Who’s responsible for what?
  3. How do we measure success?
  4. How do we track our progress?
  5. What tools do we use to accomplish tasks?

Systems that we use at CLIP Lawn Care TN:

CLIPitc: CLIPitc turns our customer management, routing, scheduling, and job costing into seamless systems that any of our employees can efficiently use. We use the CLIPitc system to figure out everything customer related from routing to job costing to which customers make us the most per man hour.

QuickBooks: CLIPitc links right to Quickbooks so we always know what your customers owe and can make sure we aren’t cutting without being paid. It also helps us track all of our accounts receivable.

KnowItAll: KnowItAll links keywords to our documents, spreadsheets, questions/answers, passwords, and much more so that we don’t need a company Know-It-All and can just let our employees quickly search for the answers on their own (see our past article on KnowItAll here).  Before KnowItAll, our CEO could barely go on a few days’ vacation without checking in regularly. Since KnowItAll, he has gone on month vacations without having to contact the office!

We also have a lot of our building block systems stored in KnowItAll such as training manuals, a company handbook, marketing documents, email lists, customer databases, and more.

Systems are what make your company run, whether you intentionally build them or not. Take some time and design the systems that work for you and you will be well on your way to extreme profit.