Do You KnowItAll? 1

Are you the company know-it-all at the office? Are you sick of answering the same questions over and over again? Do you find that you are always searching your email for information?

How many times a day do your employees ask you questions that you’ve already answered within the past year? Do you keep your vacations to under a week long once a year (if that), because you’re too valuable in the office to leave for a break?  Has your family ever asked you to please just shut off your phone or laptop and just spend time with them when you’re home? In this modern age, it’s easy to be attached to our electronics and stay in touch with the office 24/7, but do you always want it to be NECESSARY?

Dave Tucker, the president of CLIP, was in this same predicament just 15 years ago until he created a brilliant solution – KnowItAll!  KnowItAll links keywords to your documents, spreadsheets, questions/answers, passwords, and much more so that you can give up your job of company Know-It-All and let your employees easily search for the answers on their own.  We now offer KnowItAll online so you can access it from anything with internet access at .

Here are what some of our KnowItAll customers have to say about it:

KIA (KnowItAll) is important for many things that I (or my staff ) do only a few times a year, things that you never really get good at, it is also becoming the default location for technical issues raised by clients : “Can you control mushrooms in my stone landscape area”, or “Will the weed control product kill ants?”, KIA can be helpful for new hires who are picking up the phone and getting hit with these seemingly weird questions.
Michael Matthews, President For-Shore Weed Control, Inc.


Just a note to say how much I still love KIA – I needed something today that I have not needed for a year (what was really weird about it is – I needed the contact info exactly 1 year ago today!!). Anyway – just a thank you for providing such a wonderful product!!

Susan S. Bierly, President IMC Water Coolers, LLC


I just wanted to let you know that KIA is becoming a verb (saying stuff like “did you KIA it”. We joke around all day saying….”that should go in KIA” for the silly little things of life. This program has changed my work life (and home cause I have it at home too). It has made me a ton more efficient. I can’t say enough about it. Oh…and it is MORE than reasonable.
Gary Weinberg, The Komlo Group


I want to Thank You for the great CLIP & KnowItAll products we are using. There are so many things that make it great it would be very hard to make a list & it would be very long. So I just wanted to stop & give you’ all a great big THANK YOU & am looking for great things this year.
Dwayne Adams, President RioSA Lawncare, Inc


LOVING KIA on the cloud…super easy to access and fast from my droid too.  Really using it MORE than before.


Ed Bartz

…..In addition, I RELY on KnowItAll and believe it has huge potential. Let me know your thoughts. As I may have told you, while my computer was down with it’s failed HD, know it all is what I missed the most. I have a basket under my desk with a pile of various data to enter into it. As you know, the most appealing feature to a control freak like me is the relief at not having to organize it!
thanks again,



To find out more about KnowItAll or get your own copy, check out