Creating Customer Loyalty For Your Lawn Care Business Can Be Hard But It Doesn’t Have To Be

  • Customer loyalty starts with face time
  • Thank your customers publically (if they’re cool with it)
  • Use Perpetual Contracts
  • Make it easy to pay bills and request service
  • Create to-dos to help you stay on top of communication

Customer loyalty starts with face time

Staying in contact with your customers year-round is essential. If the only time they hear from you is when you send them an invoice, you’re missing a huge opportunity to build relationships.

Right now, it’s harder than ever to have a face to face conversation with your customers, but that doesn’t mean you abandon the idea. You just have to get creative.

You can always knock on a door and make sure to take a few steps back. You can send your customers personalized emails or texts. You can even give them a call and chat them up.

The key is to make sure that you maintain an active presence and that your customers get to know you.

Thank your customers publically (if they’re cool with it)

One of the best ways you can make your customers feel great about the relationship they have with your business is to thank them publically.

Taking a picture of the work you’ve just done is somewhat natural to most of us in our 21st Century social media cycles. You have a business you’re proud of, and you want to showcase the hard work you and your team have done. Our friends over at Ambler Industries do a pretty great job at this.

Going the extra step of taking a picture of or with your customer is a great way to get them involved in your business and get a referral. When you tag them on Facebook or Instagram, their friends will see it, and you’ve just created a marketing opportunity and a bit more customer loyalty.

Use Perpetual Contracts

Most companies send out proposals to their list of customers every spring. CLIP Lawn Care takes more of a commercial business approach to customer loyalty with our “perpetual” residential contracts. We assume that customers will stay with us for life because of our excellent service.

We include a clause that states the customer can cancel at any time, but that we also have the right to change pricing with a 30 day written notice. So, instead of sending out proposals and hoping to hear back, we send out letters thanking our customers for allowing us to continue servicing them.

The letter also will inform them of any price changes and our expected start date for the spring.

Make it easy to pay bills and request service

Modern convenience is incredibly important to your customer. If it’s not dead simple to request service, communicate, and pay, they’re likely to check out and head somewhere else.

The Customer Portal is an excellent feature that allows your customers to have a deeper connection with your company. With the CLIPitc Customer Portal, your customers can pay their bills, see past services, and send a note to the office.

You can even edit your customer portal to have the images, colors, and text font you want. You can also use some custom code if you know a little HTML.

Create to-dos to help you stay on top of communication

Do you celebrate your customers’ birthdays, anniversaries, and significant moments?  Shoot them a message these days and let them know how much you value their business. You can even go the extra step and send them a card or handwritten note.

Did you know that CLIP started as a lawn care company? This is why we understand that not all of your work is related to jobs and keeping up with billing and schedules. There is a lot more going on! This is why we created To-Dos in CLIPitc. To-Dos function as reminders for a specific customer and can be assigned to a particular user of CLIPitc, and you can use them to help you keep up with these important dates.

If you do the work you promised to do, show up when you say you will, answer your emails in good time, call back when you have a phone message, and do a good job, you will create customer loyalty.

It doesn’t take much to be above average.

Find a way every day to go above and beyond in your work and communication, and you will become exceptional.