You have a full schedule each day — managing operations, running your crews, making your customers happy, handling emergencies, etc.

This likely leaves you with little time for other things that come up. Something you likely don’t have time for is collections.


Collections are necessary for any business and managing the process takes finesse. You don’t want to be too aggressive and push your customers away, but you also need to get paid so you can stay in business. 

The balance can be tricky, and that’s where a collections company can help.

CLIP Software has partnered with American Profit Recovery (APR) for our software and lawn care companies. They have done very well for us. APR takes away the headache of collections, help us recover our money, and only make a small fee for it.

They do things a bit differently than the typical debt collections company, however. APR keeps the contact light in the beginning stages before moving on to more traditional communication.

We always go through the first 90 days ourselves by making calls and sending emails. Once it hits the 90 day period, the unpaid account goes straight to American Profit Recovery.

We don’t have the time or expertise to deal with accounts that are that far past due, but they do.

American Profit Recovery offers a flat-fee system which only charges $20 per account no matter how much money is collected. APR works to assist customers in finding a solution to their past due debt. This is meant to help them resolve their debt, not just obtaining debt. They want your customer to stay your customer, just like you do.

Additional benefits of partnering with American Profit Recovery

  • Diplomatic early intervention: APR has a collection team that acts quickly on overdue accounts, as early as 30-days past due, can dramatically improve collections. They use respect and core values to help settle overdue accounts. That approach helps them recover past due amounts much faster.
  • Customer-driven technology: APR gives business owners, and operators access to their accounts online anytime day or night – so you can know how the process is going any time of night or day! 
  • Member of The Association of Credit and Collection Professionals (ACA International): APR is a member and they subscribe to and follow their Code of Ethics.  
  • Educated Workforce: APR hires knowledgeable staff members who subscribe to a company policy built on ethics and values.

If you’re having trouble collecting contact Andy Robinson at 248-948-0626 or  Don’t forget to mention you are a CLIP Customer for a 10% discount!

Consider the benefits of partnering with a collection company, and say goodbye to the non-paying customer headaches of the past.

If you want to learn more about how we do help those in the green industry, check out their Lawncare and Landscaping page.