Eye On The Future - Webinar 1

What reports should you prepare, how can you get ready for this year?

Some of the CLIP staff help you figure out what to focus on. Does Quality matter the most to you? Should you focus on lowering your Price, or make sure that your phones are manned 100% of the time?

How do you stay laser-focused on your goals and not get distracted by customers that don’t fit into your business scheme?

Looking Ahead Using Summer Functions

Every company is based on three things: people, product, and process.

Firstly, are your people right? Using reports, like the employee efficiency report, you can easily see who is working the hardest for you.

Secondly, is your product right? Job costing reports can help you narrow down how you’re really making money.

Lastly, are your processes right? One phrase comes to mind in particular, garbage in, garbage out. Be sure everything you’re doing is accurate so you can track it effectively.

Are Your Employees Happy and Productive?

To begin with, we’ll take a look at our people.

How can you tell if you’re employees are productive? We’ve gone in depth in other webinars about paying by piecework and how it can drive productivity in your company.

If you’re not using piecework, are you giving bonuses? Keeping employees happy and knowing they can earn more money when they work hard is very important to productivity.

For example, some other areas to look at for happiness are cultural differences/acceptances, helping them achieve goals and dreams as a person, and understanding Maslow’s Hierachy of needs.

Your employees need to know you look at them as more than just an employee, in particular that you care about them on a personal level as well.

Are Your Customers Happy With Your Product?

Next, we want to take a look at our product.

What do your customer say about you? If you’re not getting regular feedback from your customers, how do you know if they’re happy?

Below are a few tips that we suggest doing to measure your product quality.

Firstly, be sure you’re spot checking jobs. Trust can be a great thing, but inspect what you expect.

Secondly, be sure that you’re inspecting your blades and all equipment used on customer’s property. There’s nothing worse than breaking down during a job and having to explain it to the customer.

Lastly, are you focusing on your Core Competency? Why are you better than your competition? Is it better quality, price, or service? Pick one, you can’t compete in all areas.

Perfecting Processes Makes Your Job Easier

In discussing processes earlier, we mentioned how important accuracy is.

Firstly, are you recording times right? Using CLIP2go will allow your crews to record times while on the job, eliminating discrepancies when inputting times at the end of the day.

Using KnowItAll gives you a place to build your own standard operating procedures in one place that everyone can access.

Are you using reports like job costing and employee efficiency to ensure you have the right people and are making money? We’re still surprised by the amount of owners we speak with that don’t know how much profit they made last year.

Remembering the three P’s we’ve discussed today will help you be prepared all year round.